LETTER: Democracy is on a death spiral under Granger’s leadership


Dear Editor,

President David Granger has built a reputation of being unable to play a fair game.  He can’t be trusted.  And he is unfit to run a democracy.  Obviously, democracy is on a death spiral under his leadership.  His unilateral appointment of the 84-year-old James Patterson as GECOM chair is illegal, unconstitutional, undemocratic, abusive, lawless, uncivilized and disrespectful to the people of this country.  Such immoral and uncivilized actions by Mr Granger have paved the way for political persecution and election fraud reminiscent of the Forbes Burnham era.

Mr Granger is bursting with ignorance and arrogance which are typical symptoms of despots.  There are no kind words to describe his actions. History is repeating itself.  Mr Granger’s behaviour should never be tolerated.  Guyanese deserve better.  At this time, I stand with the parliamentary Opposition in whatever course of action it takes in its fight for democracy in this country.  Mr Granger and the APNU/PNC/AFC should never be allowed to trample our democratic rights.

Yours truly,

Annie Baliram



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