McCoy calls for condemnation of ‘nasty politics, hate and spite’ directed at him – and other Afro-Guyanese in PPP


Former Press and Publicity Officer under the former PPP/C administration, Kwame McCoy said the  extent of nasty politics, hate and spite being directed at him and other Afro-Guyanese in the People’s Progressive Party, in such “fast and furious manner”, must be condemned outright.

kwame 2McCoy, in a statement this afternoon, said he is overtly convinced that the “barrage of political plots” has been designed to make him a victim of the People’s National Congress (PNC) –type politics of targeting Afro-Guyanese in the forefront of the PPP for all sorts of harassment.

“The pernacious political persecution and witch-hunt is obvious, active and vicious at this time of our history. No doubt those with their sinister objectives and ulterior motives are set to destroy my character…most Guyanese witnessed last Monday’s (February 22, 2016) episode of the kind of political behaviour as displayed outside the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court and to which I have been subjected most of my adult life…political players outside the Court sufficiently exposed the diabolic plan at work,” McCoy said in his statement.

Meanwhile, the Former Press and Publicity Officer slammed a Kaieteur News article published today under the title ‘Kwame McCoy gun butt victim says he was forced to flee Guyana’ stating that by printing such a story the newspaper is demonstrating its “anti-PPP loyalty” in collaboration with those in command of an archaic and oppressive political agenda.

“This article no doubt plays into the design to present me as a violent person in the first place. The conviction against my name is currently under appeal and for that reason I don’t wish to go too much into details at this time, except to recognise the extent to which some people would go to destroy your character for political gains. The other party in this matter, Mr. Stewart, is absolutely aware that his political stunt paid off because I am the one who got a wrong deal as a victim of miscarriage of justice,” McCoy said.

He also stated that time will reveal the level of the other party’s “wickedness”. McCoy explained that it was not until the recent Court appearance that he knew who Stewart was (meeting him for the first time).

McCoy further stated that there was never any altercation between himself and Stewart and that it must be noted that the man had no witness to support his claim of a story which allegedly occurred on the busy Durban Street thoroughfare.

“Mr. Stewart used two of his friends to extract money out of me in this matter. I never acceded to his demand because of the certainty of my innocence.  One of his friend with whom I share an excellent relationship did confide in me that he was the kind of individual who would make such allegations for the purpose of money…I have never contemplated, initiated or executed a crime,” McCoy maintained.




  1. Kwame u too funny….but i love how you trying so hard to convince people, that you are how the world is a cycle

  2. Why don’t you shut your big snout and be objective? Guess you can’t because of your political prejudice and cannot see beyond the nose at the end of that snout.

  3. After 1992 the PPP went after both Blacks and Indians. As far as I am concerned McCoy is a dysfunctional individual and there are several videos to prove it so give me a break.

  4. The Burnham clan will harrass, intimidate, beat, threaten and spite blacks who disagree with them or support the PPP.

  5. I am still to see where in the above stated case that the PNC has been playing a part. I felt you would have been happier seeing the law enforcement agency has taken action against those accused for the act committed against your fellow Indian brother.

  6. Kwame McCoy you thought you were untouchable, what about Benschop are you innocent regarding the damages to his truck, Benschop had to run for his life because you Kwame thought you were the anointed, however there is a god. Stop the nonsensical rantings about witch hunting etc.. who are you fooling start facing reality.

  7. I do not believe a word McCoy says,he is a confounded liar.During the general elections period,he paid a visit to one of the polling stations and claimed he was beaten and was hospitalized,when it was alleged,that the photograph he had posted was one about two years old,when he had an accident.That same day he claimed he was beaten,he was rescued by President Granger,then Opposition Leader who had escorted him,accompanied by someone else out of that polling station compound unharmed.How can you believe a BLATANT LIAR like he is.

  8. McCoy calls for condemnation of ‘nasty politics, hate and spite’ directed at him – and other Afro-Guyanese in PPP
    I recall many years ago a letter writer wrote that once PNC regain power they will go after the blacks in PPP first then once they are out of the way PNC will deal with the Indians. its being played out now.


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