Corentyne man dies after foot injured during heated row


Residents of Kildonan, Corentyne, Berbice are in a state of shock after learning that one of their villagers succumbed to wounds inflicted upon him during a heated row last night.

crimeReports are that 53-year-old Richard Dundas was involved in an argument with another man at Kildonan during which a bottle was thrown at Dundas.

INews understands that the bottle struck the elderly man to his left foot and broke resulting in the glass shards cutting his skin and wounding his foot in the process.

The incident is said to have occurred around 20:00h. As such, Dundas sought medical attention at a hospital and was subsequently treated then sent away.

However, he was later discovered dead in his home and persons are of the view that the man succumbed to the injuries he sustained from the broken bottle.

Meanwhile, the other man with whom he had been arguing is presently in police custody and said to be assisting law enforcement officials with investigations into the matter.





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