Teen shot behind ear in Sophia


Investigations are in full swing by the Guyana Police Force (GPF) into the shooting which occurred last night at ‘B’ Field Sophia, Georgetown, where a young man was shot behind his ear.

INews understands that around 19:15hrs on the night in question, a resident of ‘B’ Field Sophia identified as 18-year-old Paul Softley was walking along the roadway with his brother when the incident took place.

Reports are that the brothers were walking when a motor vehicle approached their location.

From all appearances it seemed as if the driver was ‘cruising’ through the street when shots were discharged from inside of the car towards the direction of the two brothers.

One of the bullets fired at the duo struck Paul behind his left ear. He was subsequently rushed to the hospital for emergency medical attention. He is presently admitted at the hospital.

INews further understands that the vehicle sped away and its occupants managed to escape from the scene of the crime before anyone could take down the license plate number or identify its driver.





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