MASH 2015 launched; Promises to be bigger/better

Preview of Mashramani costumes designed by Maxi Williams
The Otiskha/Dubraj Tassa group perform for the audience.
The Otiskha/Dubraj Tassa group perform for the audience.

[] – Guyana’s rich cultural diversity was displayed last evening during the launch of Mashramani 2015, and Minister of Culture Youth and Sport, Dr Frank Anthony said. “it’s just the tip of the iceberg”.

Guyana celebrates its 45th Republic Anniversary next year and Minister Anthony said he hopes to see 45 bands on the road and more creativity added to costume displays. He urged Guyanese to support their local designers and to come out and be a part of the celebrations, participating in the costume floats. Minister Anthony said, “It is a display of our diversity and we celebrate our identity at Mash.”

During the launch of Mashramani on Main Street in front of the Culture Ministry this evening, Mark Maxi Williams and Neil Nurse had their designs showcased.

Preview of Mashramani costumes designed by Maxi Williams
Preview of Mashramani costumes designed by Maxi Williams

He lauded the rich cultural mix of a drum performance by Otiskha/Dubraj Tassa, which performed a medley mixture of African and Indian drumming. “What I saw this evening is just a taste of what is coming in 2015. Isn’t it wonderful when we have drummers on stage? It is both about African or Indian drummers. It is the beat of unity,” Minister Anthony said.

He added that he expects to have a lot more sponsors for Mashramani 2015, a bigger and better event will be celebrated under the theme: ‘One People One Culture One Celebration’. This was created by Zariel Gittens of Linden.

 In addition to the regular costume parade and fete which happen after and the preceding activities, Minister Anthony said there is also an educational twist to the event. This includes an exhibition at the National Museum, Art exhibition at Castellani House and also a prominent Guyanese will be present during lecture sessions to teach different aspects of Guyana’s heritage as part of Mashramani cultures.

The Minister urged sponsors to get on board as the Ministry and the Mashramani planning committee cannot plan the event alone, he said the private sector needs to get on board and added that Mashramani pulls thousands of people to the roadways and is one of the best ways to advertise products and companies. He added that in recent years, Mashramani not only received local coverage, but also international.

Banks DIH is scheduled as per normal to host the annual calypso event at Thirst Park as part of the activities. Companies such as Republic Bank, Ansa McAl and other large firms are expected to be on board.

Among the gathering last night was one of the founders of the auspicious event, Jimmy Hamilton.

The audience were entertained by Junior Calyso Monarch singer Chantelle Gittens and the National Dance Company among others.

[Extracted and modified from GINA]




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