Man stabbed to death by friend during argument over broken cellphone

Dead: Jomal Adams
Dead: Jomal Adams

By: LaWanda McAllister

An East La Penitence, Georgetown youth was stabbed to death by his friend on Saturday at Back Circle, East Ruimveldt, Georgetown, during an argument over a cellphone. The dead man has been identified as 29-year-old Jomal Adams of Lot 35 Cooper Street, East La Penitence.

Based on information received, the two men were involved in a heated argument during which the suspect armed himself with a pair of scissors and dealt the now dead man several blows to his chest. In an attempt to escape his attacker, the victim started to run but the suspect went after him. After catching up with Adams, the suspect continued to stab him to his back.

Adams managed to run into his yard but collapsed on the ground. Upon seeing this, the suspect made good his escape. He reportedly dropped a pair of scissors suspected to be the murder weapon.

Adams was picked up and taken to Georgetown Public Hospital where he underwent emergency surgery but later succumbed.

A stab wound was reportedly seen to his left side chest and another to his right-side upper back. Lacerations were seen to his feet and hands.

Doctors would have removed the metal part of the scissors from the victim’s back and handed it over to the Police as they continue their investigations.

The now dead man’s body is at the Georgetown Public Hospital Mortuary awaiting post-mortem.

However, when this publication visited the home of Adams on Sunday, his mother, Dionne Adams said that the news of her son’s death came as a shock to her because the man who committed the crime is her son’s close friend.

“I get a call around 8 o’clock that buddy jook up Jomal and they gone with he to the hospital. Buddy and he [the dead man] were watching some blues on some phone and he [Adams] made the phone fall down and crack up. He was waiting to get pay yesterday [Saturday] to look after the phone… they said he rushed to my son about the phone, and meh son say brods before the day out you will get your money for the phone,” the woman said.

The grieve-stricken mother related that shortly after, her son was washing his clothes when the suspect dealt him several stab wounds about his body. It was then he ran and subsequently collapsed. At the time, Adams was at his friend’s home. The suspect is currently on the run.

His mother said her son had just returned home after spending about a year working in the interior.

“When we go to the hospital he was talking and so and the doctor told me that I have to sign for him to do a surgery. He told me that he was stabbed to the heart which is difficult part but they will take him to the do the surgery to see what the best they can do for him…”.

“He [the now dead man] said doc you told my mother you will try your best to see what you can do for me and you will try to save my life. He said doc please try your best, please try and save my life,” the woman explained.

Adams said by the time she went home to prepare food to take back for her son, she was informed that he did not make it out of the surgery.

“I feel real bad because that is my eldest son and his second brother got killed too back in 2015… this boy and he is real good friend but I don’t know what really happened. Some friend I heard was tell the boy [the suspect] things about my son and the boy mussy act up… all I want is justice for my son because I never get for the first one and I need to get for this one,” she said.

In 2015, Adams’s brother Kellon Hinds was shot dead after he was attacked by three armed men in a yard at East Ruimveldt, Georgetown.

The men discharged rounds at Kellon Hinds which struck him about his body and they escaped. The young man was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital. Following the incident, a 23-year-old man was charged with the murder.

Meanwhile, the Police on Sunday issued a wanted bullet for 29-year-old Rondell Richardson for questioning in relation to the murder of Adams.

The Police are asking anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Richardson to contact the Police on telephone numbers 227-2603, 226-6978, 268-2328, 268-2298/2222, 911 or the nearest Police station.

All information will be treated with the strictest confidence, they said.