Man injured after falling through floor at City Hall

The area where the workplace accident occurred. [Andrew Weekes photo]

The area where the workplace accident occurred. [Andrew Weekes photo]
An employee attached to the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) was injured after he fell through the floor of the dilapidated building in a construction zone.

The incident, which occurred this morning, came up for discussion during today’s statutory meeting where it was revealed that the worker suffered a fractured wrist.

Reports are that the employee, Michael Fraser, was walking within the City Engineering Department when he stepped on a board that was marked for removal.

When the man stepped on the board, it snapped under his weight, causing him to fall one-story down where he landed on the first floor of the building.

The man was treated at a city hospital.

When contacted, Labour Minister Joseph Hamilton said the matter is engaging his attention and that officers will be dispatched to City Hall to conduct an investigation.

The City Hall building is long overdue for rehabilitation works. The structure has suffered much neglect over the years even though millions of dollars have been allocated to facilitate repairs, including some $20 million in 2012.