Man gets six months jail for simple larceny


A self-employed man who resides in Leopold Street in Georgetown was hauled before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts  after he allegedly stole a quantity of ladies and gents “brand name” clothing from a city businesswoman a few months ago while posing as a customer.

Magistrate Fabayo Azore read the charge which alleged that Kendrick Gary on August 6, 2017, at Saffron and Sussex Streets, while in the company of another stole a quantity of clothing valued $176,000, property of Barbara Nedd.

Police facts allege that on the day in question two men entered the complainant’s store and ordered clothing in bulk. While the complainant retreated to her storeroom at the back of the store the men allegedly picked up the items and escaped in a car.

The distraught complainant only returned in time to see her “customers” flee the scene.

A report made to the Ruimveldt Police Station led to the arrest of the defendant who reportedly admitted his involvement in the crime under caution, after which he was charged with the felony.

While in court, the accused, a father of three, corroborated the prosecutor’s story and readily pleaded guilty. He said that he was a craftsman and a baker by trade but his income wasn’t sufficient to support him. Moreover, he contended that his accomplice got “more” than him as all he benefited from was a pair of boots, pants and shirt.

While he indicated his remorse and willingness to compensate the VC, the complainant wasn’t convinced at all that he was being genuine.

According to her, she recently discovered that the accused was known to the police for similar offences and she knew of other business persons who allegedly suffered at the hands of his acts.

“It is a constant habit (of his)…” she said.

“She exaggerating…” the accused shot back.

The Magistrate then intervened and the father of three was sentenced to six months in prison.



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