Dominican women charged for overstaying in Guyana


Rosanna Romero, 22, and Arelis Adames, 37, of the Dominican Republic were on Wednesday at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts charged for overstaying in Guyana.

It is alleged that Romero between April 8, 2017 and November 12, 2017, at Georgetown failed to comply with conditions subject to which any permit has been granted, that is to say having been permitted to stay in Guyana from March 8, 2017 to April 7, 2017, she overstayed the said period.

Meanwhile Adames was slapped with a similar charge detailing that between April 22, 2017 and November 12, 2017, she failed to comply with the conditions of a permit which allowed her to stay in the country from March 22, 2017 to April 21, 2017.

Both women pleaded guilty to the aforementioned charges and related a similar experience.

The Spanish speaking duo, appearing in the company of an interpreter, told Magistrate Fabayo Azore that they came to Guyana seeking employment in order to maintain their financially-stricken families.

Upon arriving in Guyana they had both stayed at the Rio nightclub before seeking employment in the interior gold mines.

The women indicated that they did not attempt to have their stay extended and omitted to give a plausible explanation for such.

They were both ordered to pay a fine of $30,000 or serve a default of three months in prison.

While Romero indicated her ability to pay the fine, Adames was not as fortunate. She told the Magistrate that she will serve the default sentence of three months in the circumstances.

Romero will be deported, while Adames will follow suit after serving her sentence.


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