Man fined $70,000 for purchasing stolen Samsung Galaxy phone

Jermaine Marcus
Jermaine Marcus

Thirty – One – year old Jermaine Marcus was found guilty of receiving stolen property when he appeared before Magistrate Ann Mc Lenna.

The court heard that between April 24 and August 12 Marcus received one Samsung Galaxy phone valued at $120,000 knowing that it was stolen. The phone is the property of Alvero Ramotar.

The prosecution’s case is that the accused went under the clock at the Stabroek Market where he purchased the phone that had a street price of $30,000 which was reduced for sale to $25,000.

Marcus was represented by Attorney – at – Law, Paul Fung – A – Fat, who asked the Magistrate for a monetary penalty for his client, noting that it was a foolish decision of the accused.

The man who has no pending matter in court was fined $70,000 and in default will have to spend 18 months in prison. [Royan Abrams]



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