Man confesses to selling ecstasy to care for child with cancer


A 33-year-old man who was busted with 38 grams of ecstasy has admitted to selling the illegal substance to be able to look after his son who is diagnosed with cancer.

The bust was made at around 15:30hrs on Monday along the Helena Number Two Public Road, Mahaica, East Coast of.

Reports are that a party of policemen were on road block duty when they stopped motorcar HC 8851 which was proceeding west along the road with a driver and four passengers.

A search was carried out in the car where a black plastic bag was seen in the trunk.

Police enquired from the passengers about the bag and one of the passengers claimed ownership.

A further search was carried out in the bag in their presence and a black plastic bag was found hidden in a shoe.

Upon opening that bag, a quantity of blue green and yellow tablets suspected to be ecstasy was unearthed.

The suspect was told of the offence committed, arrested, and escorted to the station where he was cautioned.

However, in response, the man said he has a son who is sick with cancer and he is not working, as such he sells the ecstasy as “a lil hustle”.

Investigations are ongoing.