Man arrested with 95k in fake GYD


A man was arrested on Saturday after he was found in possession of 95,000 in counterfeit Guyana Dollars.

Police ranks made the discovery during a ‘Stop and Search’ exercise in front of the Fort Wellington Police Station in West Coast Berbice.

The Guyana Police Force said during the exercise, a white motor car bearing license plate number PTT9098 overtook several vehicles on the solid double lines in the ranks view and was stopped.
As a result, one of the Police ranks told the driver of the offence and asked him to produce his relevant documents, and he refused. The driver began behaving disorderly and was instructed to park in the Fort Wellington Police Station compound, and he complied.
When questioned, the driver said his name was Kenio Thomason. Police searched the car in Thomason’s presence and found nothing illegal. However, when they carried out a search on Thomason’s person, they found a quantity of suspected counterfeit Guyana Currency ($5,000 notes).

When Police informed Kenio Thomason of the offence committed, he (Thomason) grabbed the forged currency from the hands of one of the ranks and ran to the back of the Fort Wellington Police Station.

Police ranks gave chase and saw Thomason throwing the suspected forged currency between a clump of bushes. Police took possession of the forged currency and arrested Thomason. The fake currency was counted in the suspect’s presence, amounting to $95,000.

Thomason was told of the offence committed, arrested, and cautioned. He replied: “Officer I just trying a thing because me girl just get a baby and things tight, do a thing for yuh boy nah.”
The suspected counterfeit currency was photographed, marked, sealed, and lodged in his presence.

Thomason was placed into custody and is slated to be charged.