Major improvements for Everest Cricket Club

Manzoor Nadir
Manzoor Nadir

Arguably one of the best local cricket venues, the Everest Cricket Club (ECC) is aiming to outdo their competitors by improving their facilities.

The recently-elected executive body already has a number of ventures in mind, which it hopes to embark on in the near future.

“Our 2019 Executive has a very ambitious plan, a plan that costs about $25 million. And we’re looking to implement that plan for the years 2019 and 2020,” stated Manzoor Nadir, the new president.

Among the projects planned is the expansion of their sport base. Nadir explained that the number one-ranked tennis player in Guyana, Anthony Downes will be part of the resuscitation of the Lawn Tennis Club.

Additionally, hockey and squash will also be introduced.

The Club has also been building their portfolio of equipment and facilities. The Cricket Club currently boasts a batting facility, dirt wickets, all-weather wickets, a five-ton roller and industrial grass cutter for pitch and field maintenance, and will soon have an up and running bowling machine.

Citing reasons for the expansion, Nadir noted that the executives were keen on producing better sportsmen and women.

“The thinking behind Everest for the next two years is even if we don’t have the best talents in the area of sport, let us make Everest the place with the best facilities and the place with the best facilities will eventually produce the greatest talents. And that’s what’s going to drive Everest in the next two years,” Nadir explained.

In addition, the largest project that will be undertaken by the Club will ensure that they become one of, if not the best, spots for local and regional cricket.



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