Mahdia residents protest deplorable roads; AFC Councillor arrested

Access road to the Mahdia Hospital


Access road to the Mahdia Hospital
Access road to the Mahdia Hospital

[] – Residents of Mahdia, Region 8 are protesting the deplorable roads in the community by blocking the main road today [Monday, August 04].

iNews has confirmed that Alliance For Change (AFC) Councillor for the region, Naieem Gafoor was arrested for executing an illegal march.

Recently, Regional Chairman in Region 8, Mark Crawford had expressed the frustration of the residents.

“Residents of Mahdia are fed-up with the state of the roads in their community, persons accessing the main services at Mahdia are forced to navigate through numerous potholes to get to where they want to be,” Crawford had said.

Access road to the GGMC Office at Mahdia
Access road to the GGMC Office at Mahdia

He explained that roads to the Post Office, Police Station, GGMC Mines Office and the Hospital are all in a deplorable state. According to him, the RDC under the AFC’s leadership had made submissions in their 2014 Budget for money to repair the inner Mahdia roads. However, he noted that the Finance Ministry refused to include allocations for these roads in the National Budget for 2014.

The road in front of the Nursery School
The road in front of the Nursery School

According to Crawford, Local Government Minister Norman Whittaker advised that miners repair these roads. The Chairman deems this as a slap in the face of the residents, miners and the RDC.



  1. The locals must take it upon themselves to care for their community. Was it not the other day a stupid moron was baring himself showing his manhood? Fools like these are setting bad examples for their children.
    The mindset must change. The Government cannot micromanage.
    We have the two bedmates AFC and APNU as Opposition who seems not to have the best for country at heart.
    Retards are always more than enough of a challenge.

  2. These roads are deplorable. Who is in charge here?
    If heavy equipment is destroying the road, then fix it and give the offender the bill or impound the equipment.
    There must be some by law to protect residents. It should be enforced at the local level.
    In any case a few truck load of stones can elevate some agony and buy some time for a more permanent solution.

  3. heavy duty vehicles breaking up these roads big time..but the big business people just dont care..and when they break up these roads with their heavy duty vehicles they get their elected official to start the march and protest against government..the government is too soft on some business people…the ones that traverse these roads with their heavy vehicles must be made to pay for these roads..


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