Mahdia mulls relocating persons living near creeks


Regional authorities in the Potaro-Siparuni region are considering removing persons who reside in close proximity of creeks, especially in flood-prone areas.

This decision comes in light of the recent flash floods in the township of Mahdia, which has caused massive destruction to the infrastructure and even threatened lives.

Mahdia’s Mayor, David Adams said the recent seasonal flash floods which affected low-lying parts of the town has highlighted the need for the regularisation of properties in the area.

He plans to start engaging with those residents and seek collaboration with the Central Housing and Planning Authority to aid in the relocation process.

Mayor Adams said a regularisation plan will prevent the reoccurrence of homeowners being affected by the seasonal flash floods.

Prolonged rainfall, which intensified on May 23, caused massive flooding in the region, and resulted in several homes and businesses being destroyed.

In some cases, buildings were under as much as four feet of water.

Many of the affected structures were adjacent to creeks and waterways.

The Civil Defence Commission led a cleanup process, which saw cleaning kits and other supplies being distributed to the residents.

Furthermore, works were done to restore the infrastructure.

The CDC, through the National Emergency Monitoring System (NEMS), is continuing to monitor the flood situation in various regions across the country. [Extracted and Modified from the DPI]