Maduro arrives in New York to meet with UN Secretary General

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (left) meets with UN chief Ban Ki-moon
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (left) meets with UN chief Ban Ki-moon
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro (left) meets with UN chief Ban Ki-moon

[] – Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro arrived in New York, United States, on Tuesday, July 28 to meet with the Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), Ban Ki Moon.

According to a report on El Universal, this was revealed by Delcy Rodríguez, Venezuelan Minister of Foreign Affairs in Venezuela on her Twitter account ‏@DrodriguezVen.

The website noted that in the meeting with Ban Ki Moon, Maduro will seek to denounce “aggressions” from Guyana’s new government and to defend Venezuela’s “historic” right over the Essequibo, which is a controversy that has been ongoing for some 200 years.

Venezuela renewed its claim to 2/3 of Guyana’s territory shortly after US oil giant, ExxonMobil revealed that a significant amount of oil was discovered in the area.

Guyana’s President David Granger has already received the support of CARICOM and the Commonwealth in protecting its territory and has denounced the claims being made by Venezuela.




  1. SLY: so now I’m the bully,and i cant accept or tolerate a different point of view other than my own.If i reflect on your last comment to me,you called me an idiot and said that i was prejudice to anything PPP/C just like the APNU/AFC administration. However if you or anyone else were to read my comments on many articles on Inews, you would see that this couldn’t be further from the truth.It’s not my desire to silence you SLY or any other person who is caught up in fantasy land about the past regime,you will eventually awake from your slumber,and realize that they do not have Guyana’s interest at heart.I know that you don’t know me personally nor I you,but in all aspects of my life,I don’t play favorites and i will not do that with this Government either,I love My country and I love my people,and i want what’s best for them,and i will call anyone one out who is doing BS and wants to justify that BS with a lot of BS rational.You said that you will say no more,i couldn’t really care if you did or did not that’s your prerogative.But I’ve called you out before on your BS comments that have no place in reality and i will again if need be.So consider yourself called out.If you want to label it as “Bullying” or otherwise that’s up to you.

  2. LA : Anyone who cannot accept or even tolerate a different point of view from his own and resorts to the use of derogatory remarks is indeed a bully. If you think you can use this medium to label others with whom you cannot agree, it clearly shows how shallow you are. I am who I am and have a democratic right to support any party of my choice and will not be bullied into silence.
    Just for your information, I was one of those who as head of my delegation,refused to pledge loyalty to the PNC despite the threat of suspension at the opening session of GTU delegates to conference I stand by my beliefs and convictions. And further I say not.

  3. Sly Sly Sly….You are such a lost cause and i truly pity you.Working on half a brain must be truly difficult,but like i motioned to you in a past comment ask people who actually have brains that actually work about things before you comment okay.Imagine you’re a strong supporter of the PPP/C and they couldn’t even try to help you with your education level. So so sad.

  4. I am all for Guyana. But realistically, What the heck can the GDF defend? Recall Ankoko? GDF is like a glorified Boy Scouts.

  5. Your blindness is on par with the chief PPP Spokesman. You forgot Pres Granger met with the UN SEcty Genl early in July. Last weekend he was in the US capital where the military support Guyana would need for the GDF if push comes to shove resides. Nothing wrong with supporting the PPP but Venezuela and other countries don’t see PPP Guyanese or Coalition supporting Guyanese. Foreign countries see loyal Guyanese or traitorous Guyanese.

  6. LA, your moronic comment does not need a full response. It seems your prejudice and hatred for anything PPPC is no different from the current APNU/AFC administration. So who is the idiot?

  7. Maduro is on a diplomatic offensive in its campaign to gain international support for its spurious claim for 2/3 of Guyana’s mineral and natural rich region. He is drumming up local and international support which are well publicised and from the Venezuelan position, they are doing just right.
    Meanwhile, Granger and his administration are busy with ethnic and political cleansing of government institutions with supersonic speed as the economy grinds to a halt.
    Criminals create havoc in both urban and rural areas across the country. Harmon and Ramjattan continue to issue tough statements about asset recovery and criminality respectively. All cheap talk.
    This administration frankly does not know how to run a country. They don’t know what to do to kick start the economic stagnation. They are taking for granted that the Venezuelan claim would die down some time soon and issuing a few statements instead of being proactive in the highlighting of Guyana’s position both locally and internationally.this has to be on the front burner and the population must be provided with frequent information. Guyana belongs to all Guyanese and the government should involve the “opposition ” . They are treating this issue as if Guyana is their personal property.
    Their vindictive policies against anything PPPC will backfire. Time will tell

  8. yes Granger get the support from foreign countries,but from the Politicians across the aisle who also happen to be his country men, are seemingly against him.What idiots.I hope that the PPP/C fully understands that in this particular instance, a move against the Government is a direct move against Guyana and Guyanese.


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