AFC Chairman defends decision to represent Sean Hinds

AFC Chairman Nigel Hughes

By Jomo Paul

Chairman of the AFC and Attorney at  Law, Nigel Hughes
Chairman of the AFC and Attorney at Law, Nigel Hughes

[] – Nigel Hughes, the Chairman of the Alliance For Change (AFC) – one of the political Parties that currently makes up the coalition government – has defended his decision to represent self-confessed death squad member Sean Hinds.

On Monday, Hinds turned himself into the Police at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and was accompanied by Hughes as his Lawyer,

The death squad is suspected to be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Guyanese men and women during the crime spree that followed the February 2002 jail break.

When contacted by iNews for a comment, Hughes stated that Hinds needed an Attorney and he saw no reason as to why he should not take the case.

“As far as I know the police force requested the presence of Mr Hinds; he required the services of a lawyer and he retained me. I don’t know anything about the government getting involved. This is not a political issue…I fail to appreciate your question,” said Hughes.

Subsequent to Hinds’ surrender, a police report detailed that the self-confessed death squad member was not cooperating with detectives.

Sean Hinds
Sean Hinds

“So far he is not cooperating with the police as a number of questions have been put to him in the presence of his Lawyer and his consistent response has been that he has nothing to say, based on advice of his Lawyer,” the police release noted.

The Force recently noted that he is wanted for a “serious offence” but has refused to reveal the nature of the offence; however Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo a few days ago revealed that Hinds was spotted outside his [Nagamootoo] residence, staking out the area.

While Hinds claims to know who the murderers of Courtney Crum – Ewing and Ronald Waddell are, he has not admitted to committing any crimes.



  1. From where did you get your info that Mr. Hughes is ‘in Government?’

    The question is, can YOU be trusted to SHUT UP?

  2. The “mouse” seeks protection between the paws of the “lion”! I don’t know whether to cry or laugh.

  3. You think people schupid? Nigel Hughes and his handlers are embarking on a major coverup of party operatives involved in the murders.

  4. As I see it he could be charged as an accessory to the Capital Offence, which warrants jail sentence and he knows it. Nigel being his lawyer is also aware of that and advised him to talk until something is worked out between himself and the police. if the police don’t do that they are likely to make him talk by other means, the Minister of Security would not allow any plea bargain so it’s more than likely he would be incarcerated for the maximum time until he wants to talk. Just saying

  5. It says “he has not admitted to committing any crimes” That does not mean they cannot charge him with one or more. My guess is his lawyer told him to clam it until he gets a deal.

  6. Does the PPP wants to embarrass the AFC by hiring Nigel Hughes to defend notorious criminal Sean Hinds ?Just inquiring eh.

  7. Lol. This is conflict of interest Mr. Hughes. You are now in Government and should not be representing a potential criminal.

    Perhaps Naga did not inform you but apparently this man was spotted around his residence a few days ago. Perhaps you sent him there.

    Can Mr. Hughes be trusted to be in government?????

  8. Shawn Hinds doesn’t have to talk or give a confession statement before you can charge him for the crimes he said he committed. The police should follow the leads he has already given in his tv interview and then take things from there to build a case against him.

  9. Nigel is at liberty to defend a client as he sees fit. Many counsel are retained to defend murderers, theives, peadophiles etc and it is the state who prosecutes that has to ensure they can successfully win their case…. Interestingly mr hinds has not retained a lawyer noted for defending pppstalwarts and suddenly realises his best bet is with the opposition lawyer. Hinds laid down with duty dogs and pick up an array of sucking fleas… Good luck Nigel…

  10. Yes he has admitted to committing crimes. He claimed to have been part of a death squad and listed the names of two men killed by that squad. Do you know what are the definitions of Conspiracy to Commit a Crime, Accessory before the fact of a Crime, and Aiding and Abetting a Crime? If you do not I would suggest that as a news organization you at least familiarize yourself with some aspects of the law before making statements that like, “While Hinds claims to know who the murderers of Courtney Crum – Ewing and Ronald Waddell are, he has not admitted to committing any crimes”. Because if John Jones was killed by a particular gang that is knowned, and Jim Smith admits to being part of that gang when Jones was killed, he is admitting involvement in a crime.


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