Presidential Advisor denies interfering with work of Public Security Minister

Presidential Advisor on National Security Brigadier (ret’d) Edward Collins
Presidential Advisor on National Security Brigadier (ret’d) Edward Collins
Presidential Advisor on National Security Brigadier (ret’d) Edward Collins

[] – Presidential Advisor on National Security Brigadier (ret’d) Edward Collins is refuting claims that he is interfering with the functions or space of Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan.

Collins told the Government Information Agency that he sought the permission of Ramjattan before visiting police stations and that he has the Minister’s support in executing his duties.

The Presidential Advisor was at the time responding to the July 26th editorial of the Stabroek News.

“In fact, my first visit to the Police Headquarters was with the Minister and that was a very thorough and beneficial meeting,” explaining that it was Minister Ramjattan, “who called the head of CANU and told him to speak with me.”

He further noted that he has been working with the Minister, seeking his permission and approval to visit police stations, fire stations and the prisons.

Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan.
Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan.

Following on the relationship established at the first meeting at the Police Force Headquarters which was attended by the Commissioner of Police, Brigadier Collins said he was able to meet with the Commander of B Division Christopher Griffith.

Griffith told GINA hat he was able to provide a thorough brief to the Advisor because of the close working relationship established between the Guyana Police Force, the Ministry of Public Security and the Presidential Advisor. He said at no time did he get the impression that the Advisor was trying to usurp the role or functions of the Minister.

President David Granger has taken a focused approach to improving national security making it a top priority. Immediately on the return from the Caricom Heads of Government Conference, the President had summoned a high-level security meeting. That meeting was attended by the Prime Minister, the Ministers of State and Public Security and top officials of the Guyana Police Force and Guyana Defence Force.

Meanwhile Collins is expected to present his first report to the President by the end of August. The Advisor has been on a series of information gathering visits to Regions Five and Six, assessing the security resources and capabilities in these regions.

He said his visits provided material that he can use to formulate recommendations, making it clear that he has no executive authority to implement any action whether those come from his recommendations or from elsewhere.

It is expected that the recommendations from the Presidential Advisor will feed in to strategies and programmes to be implemented by the Ministry of Public Security along with other Ministries and agencies so that a comprehensive approach will be taken to improve security across the country.



  1. I agree with the last comment. This is Guyana and we all have a roll to play to make everything work for the good of all the people. Let’s therefore do what must be done and stop trying to in sight confusion.

  2. Cannot agree more. THE AFC is there as a bunch of BOBBELHEADS.With no authority on nothing. JUST titles in words.

  3. It is well well known what happen to Mr Peter Degauars U F, It was a sort of coup de tan
    they have been running things for the past 22 years they got there people in the right place and they report to Congress Place that’s one of the problem of Guyana.

  4. I think the coalition is already at its political limits approaching the breaking point. The president named a number of presidential advisors, Best, Collins,Thomas,Norton, The pattern indicates that the AFC doesn’t have anyone that can advise the president. Wait the job description of the advisors seems to be overshadowing certain ministers… i see a pattern here do you.
    Where is Kathy what is she doing …last time i heard from her she was planning to teach public servants manners and mannerism.
    Do you see a pattern here …AFC second fiddle or u mean no fiddle.
    Strange things are happening in this strange land.

  5. If that makes you sleep at night – then ok. You guys are trying to start a race war within the coalition, and by extention the country, but sorry the people of Guyana like smart and soficticated and they have that now. One people One nation One destiny

  6. AFC is getting shaft big time . Mr.granger should remember without afc, there would have being NO president granger.


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