Maduro announces setup of State Commission for Border Issues

President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro
President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro
President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro

[] – Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro announced on Wednesday the names of the officers who will make up the State Commission for Border Issues, which will address border issues through diplomatic channels, international law and bilateral relations.

This is according to an article posted on El Universal, which noted that Maduro appointed Army Commander, Major General Gerardo Izquierdo Torres, as the executive secretary of the Commission.

The article further stated that other members are Executive Vice-President, Jorge Arreaza; the president of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice (TSJ), Gladys Gutiérrez; Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino López; Foreign Affairs Minister, Delcy Rodríguez; Minister of the Office of the Presidency, Carmen Meléndez; the Comptroller General’s Office and pro-government deputies Yul Jabour and William Fariña, as well as opposition lawmaker William Dávila.

The Commission would present a final report on the historic territorial claim over the Essequibo.

“The Essequibo has always been Venezuelan,” Maduro is quoted as saying at the presidential palace of Miraflores, downtown Caracas.

“I regret once again the statements issued by the Foreign Ministry of Guyana disavowing the Geneva Agreement and attacking the mechanism of the good offices (of the United Nations),” Maduro noted.



  1. Why you don’t leave our Guyana alone you too greedy, you hear oil and you get mad, you ready to claim whats not yours……

  2. Let me correct two statements for you Senor. “The Essequibo has NEVER been Venezuelan, however we covet the gold and oil, so I made us a decree” and

    “There is no border issues as Venezuela has no right to anything in Essequibo,(see history)”

    Signed: President Maduro


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