Mabaruma resident remanded to prison for murdering friend

Rawle Michael Khan.
Rawle Michael Khan.

[]Rawle Michael Khan was charged with the indictable offence of murder. Khan of Mabaruma Settlement was not required to plead to the charge before Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry.

It is alleged that on October 6 in Mabaruma, he murdered his friend Chris Allicock. Police prosecutor Bharrat Mangru told the court that both parties are well known to each other and on the day in question they had an argument which led to a scuffle and as a result the accused armed himself with a rock and dealt the deceased a lash to his head.

Based on investigations carried out by the police they were able to arrest the accused who admitted to the incident. In addition an autopsy was done on Allicock’s body which revealed that he died as a result of a trauma to the head. Magistrate Beharry refused bail and ordered that Khan return to court on November 19. [Royan Abrams]



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