Lusignan vendors will return after completion of road works – NDC Chairman


Weeks after ordering vendors of the Lusignan Market to relocate to a section of the Annandale Market, Chairman of the Mon Repos/La Reconnaissance Neighborhood Democratic Council (NDC), Ayube Mohammed stated that the move is a temporary one and that the vendors will return once the road works are completed.

Following the order weeks ago, the vendors put up resistance and called on the higher authorities to intervene and quash the decision.  However, the NDC Chairman during a telephone interview earlier today pleaded with the vendors to adhere to the order.

He further noted that the NDC does not have the authority to remove the vendors and as such, related that the order came from the Government. The vendors, according to reports are occupying an area that has to be upgraded to facilitate the four lane East Coast Highway.

The NDC chairman nevertheless, promised that efforts will be made to have the vendors return at the present location.  Meanwhile, the vendors were expected to move since last month but they have refused to do so on the basis that if they do so, they will suffer significant losses.

They had complained of the lack of security at the new location and more so, the unavailability of sanitary facilities for vendors.


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