Lower ramp of Leguan stelling breaks away


Residents of Leguan and those having to access the Leguan stelling are now being hindered since the lower ramp of the stelling broke away on Monday afternoon.

According to a source, the ramp which had shifted for several weeks suddenly broke away at around 16:00h.

INews understands that vehicles can no longer load and unload during low tides but are forced to wait until high tide when a plank would be used to venture from one side to the other of the stelling.

Passengers also reportedly have to use the unsafe plank.

This information was reportedly sent to the Public Infrastructure Ministry and residents are calling for an urgent intervention.

In July of 2018, the Ministry had announced that the dilapidated stelling was on the list for pending rehabilitative works.

Then in September, Government revealed that a contract, to the tune of $413.2 million, was awarded to Maraj Contracting Services.

Construction work was slated to commence this year.

The project came on the heels of outcry from residents on the island in the Essequibo River on the state of the facility.

In fact, one week before the Ministry’s announcement, residents were up in arms over the condition of the stelling among other things on the island.



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