“Lock them up or shut up” – Foreign Minister told by Guyanese public

Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge

By Fareeza Haniff

Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge
Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Vice President, Carl Greenidge has admitted that the public is tired of hearing stories of wrong doings committed by government officials under the previous People’s Progressive Party (PPP) administration.

He too is of the view that no effective action has been taken by the new APNU+AFC government to reprimand those caught but at the same time, listed a number of excuses as to why the alleged wrong doers have not been charged and prosecuted, including the lack of evidence.

During his appearance on the radio programme, Hard Talk, aired on 90.1 Love FM, the Vice President, who is also the country’s Foreign Affairs Minister, was very careful about his comments on the issue, pointing out that it does not fall within his realm of responsibilities.

“There is an intention to prosecute them but the problem I think has to do with…the evidence and the lost, misplacement of evidence including the unwillingness of some people to speak, but also the weaknesses of the system,” Greenidge explained.

He criticized the prosecution service, which he opined is not doing their “work assiduously enough; giving all sorts of advice leading to non-prosecution.”

The Vice President also pointed out the lack of capacity of the Guyana Police Force and other agencies to effectively investigate and prosecute.

“The point that we’ve been making before the election is that everyone should be subject to the law. You just can’t be prosecuting the poor or those who are not well positioned and letting off your peers, those you are socially equal or those you went to school.

“And I hope not withstanding what it appears may have happened so far that that is not a hallmark of what is to unfold in future. I think there is a lot of pressure on the relevant ministers to ensure that people are prosecuted.”

He made it clear that he too has been approached by members of the public, who have expressed the desire to see some government officials behind bars.

“I keep getting approached saying look we’re not interested in hearing all those stories you have to tell, lock up some people. If they’ve done wrong, lock them up otherwise shut up.”




  1. Everything comes to he who waits and gets it right… Remember, you gave to gather evidence to ensure its air tight before wading in without an airtight case… Ask for assistance from ABC countries and don’t forget, intelligence on RK, Ed Ahmed and the plane man were made by watching, waiting and pouncing … jagdeo and his 40 thieves will be brought to justice

  2. Greenidge is vice president ? Same greening who was with Burnham my god help Guyana , Guyana needs a new set of young intelligence people to take over Guyana ,

  3. They cannot be prosecuted because of lack of evidence,Mr Dunce if there is no evidence how did you arrive at the idea that they commit wrongdoings?then again its Greenidge who is speaking here.A bunch of F******dunces running a government.

  4. Mr Carl Greenidge we now know why no one was charge for killing Guyanese in the past the evidence was hidden by you know who.

  5. It is amazing to see the comments here, yes there needs to be some action on all the ill gotten gains of the people who raped the public purse, but you first have to have the evidence before you take someone to court. If there is no hard evidence, the case will be thrown out and then where will you be. People have been pointing their fingers saying which hunt, but now want people to be locked up without due process. Nothing happens with the wave of a magic wand unless it is in a children’s book. Someone stated that maybe we can ask for help from the U.S., Canada and Britain, not a bad idea, since there is so much to go through the resources in GT cannot handle it.

  6. The public is only interested in you bringing criminals to justice, whether it’s the street criminals who rob people of their personal possessions or the white/blue collar criminals who rob the taxpaying Guyanese of millions of $$. No one wants this ongoing public forum of whom you caught ad-infinitum. Let justice be served for the those who suffered at the hands of these many criminals in Guyana.

    In addition to that, I believe that Guyana can benefit from a rotating international security force to beef up their numbers, this also gives them a chance to weed out the internal criminals who wear the badge of law enforcement officers. The country need a purging from all criminal element who ruled the nation for decades.

  7. Yes well said . we are just tired of listening to a set of officials now. We will not accept this kind of attitude by you. Seelall the DPP ans Ian Chang need to go.

  8. Crying Wolf, Wolf, Will Not Bring Criminals Past And Present To Justice!

    Vice President, Carl Greenidge may have a point here, when he said, he was tired of the Government telling the commonweal of those they suspect of wrong doing. But is yet to litigate any charges on the alleged suspects.

    I guess, politicians want to seem to be doing something for the people. When in fact, they are merely “Marching On The Spot.”

    But the point and concern is well taken I presume, by fellow Guyanese who are concerned for our National Well Being.

  9. The GRA has to be the agent that leads the enquiry of the government ministers. GRA has a right to enquire on the riches of the minister after persuing their returns and on that basis it can say that based on their submission and the actual material wealth there is every reason to beleive that income statements seems suspicious and then take it from there. I am not a legal mind but i believe that is the best angle to prosecute.
    I agree with John Public all this talk of corruption and nothing yet. Why dont they start with Jagdeo and Robert. Robert sold his radio for over 3 m us we are told, did he pay his taxes???

  10. I hope this new Government reading I news…because come next elections the people that vote for You guys will not do so and you will find yourself out of power again…and i hope you know that the PPP/C corrupt supporters and loyalist will not stay away from the polls because the want they corrupt show back on the road,and if they come back in office i sorry for you guys.So Granger and Nagamootoo you two better start acting fast because 5 years is just now.,and me and my family don’t vote race we vote for better lives and opportunity in our homeland.So don’t think that if ya’ll do nonsense in this first term you gonna get our votes just because….We will stay at home..FYI!!!!

  11. Practicing Gutter Politics

    It seems like s day does not go by with the current regime trying to dig up dirt on the former PPP government. If you identify a problem fix it – that is why you are the elected public servants – to serve the people and not to serve for your own personal gripes and ego. The Guyanese people are getting fed up with the constant backbiting and fingerpointing. The people want stability, progress, security and most of all progress. So get the show going and meet the needs of the people and stop giving them lip service, false hopes and promises that cannot be fulfilled. Everyone pre- election promise did not materialize except for the the bills that were targeted towards specific individuals in the opposition.

  12. The man is correct.If there is no evidence then what is the point in talking about it.The law needs to have more and stronger teeth for the bite to be felt.We are all adage that wrong doing will be done when the opportunity arises..but no proof or a willingness not to prosecute stalls all…better to deal with it internally.

  13. Guyanese are fed up with too much talk and nothing but INACTION, and WILL respond at the ballot box, since their enthusiasm has all but vanished.

  14. get scrotlan yard, britsh, fbi america, rcmp canada to help you, gather your integellence , to procute, these people, remember all of hem is doctors, in thiefing, we can get them, trust, me follow the the paper trail

  15. I agree…Lock them up…..PM, Nagamootoo told us
    a month ago that he has the files on NCN fraud investigations that Ramotar hide away…..
    The man at NCN admits to thieving 3 Million and
    putting it in his personal bank account.
    A PPP minister involved in them disappearances of
    Eight (8) Cars and she going to the Parliament as
    if it is COOL No problem.

  16. How can the former government be effectively investigated and prosecuted when the head of the Guyana Police Force was appointed by the PPP administration. Does his loyalty lies to the former administration? If changes are not made with the head Police force and other agencies who have strong loyal ties and are part of the investigation for prosecution then you will continue to get zero, this include the judges, lawyers, and individuals involved with prosecution service, etc. There is so much wrong doing, that warrant jail sentencing.

  17. Well said Mr Greenidge. They come out hot and sweetie. People start to wonder now if these allegations are true .

  18. It may well be a case of everyone knowing each other from ‘way back’ in some sort of six degrees of separation relationship, so no charges for alleged crimes; only allegations.

  19. I agree, you people are beginning to disappoint many who wanted, needed and prayed for a change from the tyrannical dealings of the PPP. You can call on the rest of the world for help, to get these Bastards imprisoned. The President or Prime Minister should have appointed new people into the High Ranking positions in the GPF, instead of keeping the Roger Khan “minions” on payroll; I pray to God you don’t regret the oversight! Something is definitely going on “underground,” just by them putting Jagdeo back in the forefront of the opposition, raises a lot of questions! There’s too much at stake, Roger Khan is not dead, he may not be in Guyana, but his smell is lingering. WAKE THE HELL UP, ALREADY!

  20. The public is indeed war weary” with these exposures of thievery and corruption of and by PPP big wigs including the king jadgeo. What of these forensic audits The public is not stupid they have watched helplessly as ministers, family and friends from humble beginnings all of a sudden living high on the hog. Building and purchasing multi million dollar homes and driving expensive SUVs. Where did the money come from. Bloted estimates for projects either shoddily done or not completed. Eg the $400.000 toilets at CJ airport. This is one of the more smaller examples. There is no doubt that corruption and graft took place it is time for those responsible pay the piper. The public is impatient they want their pound of flesh. There are those who are pointing fingers at the sending of ex officials on leave etc. Forgetting that the PPP did the same. The difference is those sent home were asked to leave because their Agency or Ministry is under investigation. Let us put them before some special court or tribunal. If not this exercise will take on the appearance of a witch hunt.

  21. Eh eh but this banna ead na good! Is who mus lock dem up? John Public? No! Is you all in power who got to do the locking up. And you better start quick before the protesters come out.


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