Local athletes participate in qualification round of World Archery Americas

Wayne De Abreu (at left) and Devin Persaud (at right)

Archery Guyana participated in the Qualification Round of the World Archery Americas’ Online Archery Cup of the Americas, which commenced on the afternoon of Friday 21st August in Ontario, Canada.

This match saw Wayne De Abreu and Devin Persaud, both World Archery-ranked archers, competing against each other in the Male Recurve category

The match see-sawed between the two archers in the first 60 arrows. Wayne, on Target 1A, was ahead by the 12th arrow; but Devin, on Target 1B, was able to even the score by the 15th arrow, and gained a lead at the 21st arrow. However, Wayne retook the lead at the 24th arrow, and maintained a lead to the half-time break, at which time Wayne was 275 points to Devin’s 269 points.

When shooting resumed after the break, Wayne strengthened his lead to end the match at 550 points, with Devin at 530 points.

This competition continues on Sunday, when 4 more recurve archers – Talita Kissoon, Nicholas Hing, Robert Singh and Umasankar Madray – will be shooting in Guyana. The last match in the qualification round was shot by Samira Duncan on Tuesday 25th August.

The Online Archery Cup of the Americas is a World Archery Americas-sanctioned competition that seeks to advance the spirit of competing on a virtual arena whilst abiding with the COVID-19 safety measures across the Americas (North, South & Central America and the Caribbean).

Archery Guyana, the local governing body, is tasked with conducting the qualification round. Scores will be recorded electronically, and pictures of equipment, scorecards and the target will be sent to the Competitions and Judging Committee via Whatsap for tabulations and scrutiny.

The scores for Guyana qualification round will be submitted to World Archery Americas. The scores will then be tabulated along with the scores from all other competing countries, after which the top two archers in each category will be short listed to take part in an Elimination shoot, set for late September.

Cognisant of the national COVID-19 protocols in place, and abiding with the laws and the social distancing safety rules in regard to the limit on the number of persons permitted to be in any gatherings, shooting was done in pairs at different time and dates (23rd and 25th August).

Archery Guyana will then submit the scores for Guyana by August 31st to World Archery Americas, which will be tabulated along with scores from all other partaking countries. Top 2 archers in each category will be shortlisted to take part in an Elimination shoot, set for late September.