Linden teens facing murder charge remanded


The two teenagers who appeared at the Wales Magistrate’s Court on Thursday were slapped with a joint murder charge.

Ronaldo Chapman, 17, of Lot 73 Half-Mile, Wismar, Linden, Region 10 and Shane Fordyce also, 17, of Linden were charged for the murder of Albert Ashley also known as “Finny”.

The defendants were not required to plead to the indictable charge which stated that on July 1, 2016, at One Mile, Linden, they murdered Ashley.

Linden teenagers Ronaldo Chapman and Shane Fordyce were remanded for murder
Linden teenagers Ronaldo Chapman and Shane Fordyce were remanded for murder

The men were remanded to prison by Magistrate Crystal Lambert, after the prosecution successfully requested that the matter be transferred to Linden.

Ashley’s body was found in front of his house and at that time, foul play was ruled out. However, a post mortem later revealed that Ashley died as a result of blunt trauma to head which indicated that he was struck.

Reports are that the elderly man lived alone and had operated a small grocery shop at his house. He was also a newspaper vendor in the area. The dead man’s body was discovered at about 17:00h on July 1.

The young men will make their next court appearance on September 6 at the Christainburg Magistrate’s Court for statements. However, the defendants are also expected to be charged with larceny, threatening behaviour and armed robbery.

Meanwhile, Fordyce alleged that upon his arrest, police officers assaulted him but was told that his parents need to take a lawyer to represent his case. (By Shemuel Fanfair and Bisham Mohamed)





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