Ramdhani outstanding at GOA Olympic Day event


Recently, the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) held its presentation for the 2016 Olympic Day event and it was national Junior Sportsman of the year Narayan Ramdhani who was outstanding.

Ramdhani won both categories he competed in and was also awarded for his outstanding achievement in 2016. He combined with Jonatha Mangra to win the men’s doubles while joining his sibling Priyanna Ramdhani to win the mix doubles segment.

Narayan Ramdhani
Narayan Ramdhani

The list of award recipients are; LADIES DOUBLES: first place: Priyanna Ramdhani and Ambika Ramraj second, place: Ayanna Watson and Emelia Ramdhani and third places: Kara Abrams & Wonita Yang and Gabriella Pertab and Priyanka Shivnauth.

MEN DOUBLES; First Place: SUNBURST Narayan Ramdhani and Jonathan Mangra, second place: Gokarn Ramdhani and Nicholas Ali and third places: Ronald Chang Yuen and Avinash Odit and Darrell Carpenay and Marlon Chung.

MIX DOUBLES: first place: SUNBURST Narayan Ramdhani and Priyanna Ramdhani, second place: Jonathan Mangra and Ambika Ramraj and third places: Cecil Abrams and Kara Abrams and Darrell Carpenay and Ayanna Watson

The presentation started with a short prayer by Kara Abrams, followed by remarks from the President of the GBA, Gokarn Ramdhani. The GOA President Kalam Jumin-Yassin then made a few remarks followed by a musical presentation by Ronald Chang Yuen and National Sports Commission; Sports Director Christopher Jones did the closing remarks.

The GBA would like to thank the GOA, NSC, SUNBURST, BANKS DIH, Parent and Players for making this presentation a success.

The presentation for the Tournament for the first, second and third placed winners were done Charles Corbin, Juman-Yassin and Jones, while the presentation of certificates to the Olympic Day runners was done by Gervy Harry of the NSC.

SPECIAL PRIZES: Past National Champion- William Holder, Most Improved Player- Gabriella Pertab, Upcoming Player- Fardeen Alli, Outstanding Achivements 2016- SUNBURST Narayan Ramdhani (Junior Sportsman of the Year, National Champion & World Ranked, Suriname International Tripple Champion, Peru International Bronze Medalist, GUMDAC Champion, Trophy Stall Champion and GOA Champion).

Receiving certificates for the GOA Olympic day run were; Gokarn Ramdhani,, Emelia Ramdhani, Narayan Ramdhani, Priyanna Ramdhani, Fardeen Alli, Jonnedd Taylor, Ariel Haynes, Gail Haynes, Medharishi Ramdhani, Susan Ramdhani, Ayanna Watson, Kara Abrams and Cecil Abrams.




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