Linden single mother gets new house built by police

The house built in Linden by the Police Force for the single mother
Regional Commander, Senior Superintendent Hugh Winter, and one of Malika Thomas’s daughters cut the ribbon to commission the home

Intervention by Police Headquarters in Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice) and Linden stakeholders has led to the construction of a brand-new home for a single mother in need at Prosville, Linden.

The home for Malika Thomas and her two children was commissioned at a handover ceremony on Friday.

Speaking in the presence of Thomas and officials, Regional Commander, Senior Superintendent Hugh Winter said the initiative to construct the home was put into motion after ranks, during an outreach to the community in January, met with the mother and saw her unsatisfactory living conditions.

In January, the entire administrative team visited the location where it was reported that the single mother was considering taking her own life.

“On arrival, we were taken aback at the living conditions of Malika and her two daughters. Initially, we had planned to build a toilet and a bath but with the inspiration of God we have reached out to our stakeholders who assisted in the realisation of Malika’s dream of obtaining her own home,” Winter noted.

The Commander said after he and his administrative team decided to assist, the project commenced on February 15.

Winter, in his remarks, also thanked all those who contributed to the success of the project, noting that it marks a new phase in community development. He said his management team and junior ranks would have worked tirelessly in bringing the venture to fruition. “It is amazing to see the hidden skills and talent that we policemen and women possess. Today I am proudly celebrating us as Police Officers, to showcase our humane side which exhibits us as good Police Officers at what we’re doing collectively,” the Regional Commander said.

He further extended gratitude to business stakeholders who contributed, noting that they all came on board without hesitation.

“I take this opportunity to advocate to my fellow colleagues, that community engagements make our jobs less challenging and enjoyable, once there is respect and camaraderie on both sides. Moreover, this is highlighting one of our five priorities in our strategic plan which emulates the developing partnership together. With such behaviour, we will assure the residents of Region 10 (that) we will strive to make Region 10 a better community,” Winter said.

The house built in Linden by the Police Force for the single mother

Additionally, the Regional Commander appealed to stakeholders to assist Thomas and her children in their employment and educational ventures, respectively. This move, he noted, will aid in her being able to adequately assist her children with the needed resources for a sound education.

In his remarks, Deputy Regional Commander Wayne Dehearte said it was the togetherness of the community that brought life into the building.

“There was a time when the Police and the community of Linden, we were fractured. This is one significant expression of our togetherness, to ensure that children or families do not want and live anyhow within this community,” he said.

Act of kindness

Regional Chairman Deron Adams, who spoke at the event, said the act of kindness is an inspiration to all.

“…owning your own home is indeed special. It speaks to stability in the family. Mr Hugh Winter and his team’s act of kindness is an inspiration to us all here today. It allows us as leaders and residents and communities to recommit to building stronger, kinder and safer communities all across Region 10,” Adams said.

He went on to describe the Regional Commander as being genuine and concerned about the social and economic well-being of the people in the region and encouraged other Regional Commanders to emulate this character trait.

“This is yet another opportunity that has presented itself for us to build on, for us to connect with our people from the grassroots level, for us to create the enabling environment for our people to come out of poverty,” Adams said as he encouraged Thomas to “pass the blessing on”.

Thomas, who broke down in tears, expressed gratitude at not only receiving a home but one that is furnished. She made the promise to take good care of the home. Thomas revealed that she lost her mother at a tender age and reminisced on sad times she spent in her former home as she looks forward to a brighter future for her and her children.

The children were also awarded tablets and other tokens were presented to the family by community stakeholders.