Linden benefits from streetlights


The Government announced that 84 streetlights were recently installed and activated between Burnham Drive, McKenzie and the Wismar section in Linden, Region 10.

Kester Hinds, Senior Project Engineer within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure with responsibility for maintenance, traffic and safety, has indicated that the government expended $13M to improve safety and security within those areas.

He said the scope of works included the installation of 84 lights on wallaba poles along with the running of interconnecting cables.

Hinds, according to a GINA report, noted that whilst persons would have varying responses to the longevity of the wallaba poles, the ministry uses them because they are procured at an affordable cost, thereby allowing for more installations to be done.

It is expected that 2016 will see the continued installation of streetlights countrywide, along with the maintenance of lights in other areas.




  1. Could not have said it any better. To add to the discrimination take a look at the persons who were sent on leave to facilitate investigations. Was the Black GPL CEO sent on leave.

    As a Government you need to look after your supporters first that would be the best strategic move but try to at least treat the other part of the population like they have a brain and make it look as if you are doing something for the other side.

    The Bath issue was distasteful and a clear indication that this Government is for its people the AFC members have no power or say and are clearly failing to represent their supporters who were the catalyst for victory (alleged)

  2. I visited that Region several times. At nights its like a ghost down. I am surprised snakes dont bite those people traversing in the dark. My sister feet slipped in a hole and sprained a few years ago. People in that Region has been suffer ing for years with inadequate street lights and dirty water that come thru the taps. I hope other Regiobs will receive street lights soon.

  3. Good for the Berbice people….they were fooled by the Namakram Naga and Ramjattan and sucked into voting for PNC….the PNC ministers immediately remove ALL their street lights and now installing them in the PNC strong hold….HMMM, giving the bandits fair opportunity to loot them again in the dark!….and the endless cycle continues….smarten up people…PNC is there for ONE thing…crooked business!

  4. ”……..84 streetlights were recently installed and activated between Burnham Drive, McKenzie and the Wismar section in Linden, Region 10”.
    Is that any surprise? Thanks to APNU. You are looking after your supporters unlike the PPPC when in office, they neglected their supporters taking it for granted that they will always vote for that party.
    The people from Bath had theirs removed; that area is predominantly people of Indian Origin and is perceived to be a PPP strong hold. When Granger became president he publicly declared that he would be a good president, that he would be a president for ALL.
    Granger, can you not see discrimination against one section of the population, the INDIANS?
    Or do you subscribe to George Orwell’s Animal Farm, ” everyone is equal but some are more equal than others”?

  5. WOW $13,000,000.00!!!!!!!!!!!! PPP money spending on PNC supporters.
    Was there a bidding process for that un-budgeted amount? Lindeners already getting close to free electricity in their home and latrines and now street light?
    War to go PNC, continue in the abuse of the treasury.

  6. That’s how I felt when the PPP was in power. No streetlight or proper paved roads because I lived in PNC area. For 18 years my area was neglected because I happened to live in pnc area but the area right next me that was PNC got everything.

    Now you feel why we should never vote race because some will win and some will lose.


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