President to address Parliament today

President David Granger

Guyana’s Head of State President David Granger will, this afternoon, be addressing the 11th Parliament during the convening of the second sitting since the start of 2016.

President David Granger
President David Granger

This will be the third time since his election to office in May 2015 that President Granger will be addressing Parliament. Amid speculation about his speech, President Granger told reporters on Wednesday that his address was “forward looking” and will touch on the current structure of his Government and how the Ministries are working to accomplish what he calls the second part of Guyana’s independence.

“In 1966, we had what I call political independence. In 2016, we now aim at greater economic independence. So the thrust of my remarks will be largely economic,” he revealed.

President Granger added that he would also be outlining plans that his 27-member Cabinet would be embarking on to ensure that Guyana attained “economic independence”.

Guyana will be celebrating its 50th Independence Anniversary in May this year and the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) coalition has already indicated its intentions to make the milestone a huge affair with much pomp and ceremony.



  1. This man calls himself the President of Guyana! Since taking office 9 months ago, his administration basically killed rice farmers’ business, sugar industry business and travel/tourism (since crime rate went up so high). Who is the president fooling? Let the facts speak for itself…PNC dictatorship is back at full strength.

  2. That’s the mentality of the APNU morons. Live for today and the ‘coolie’ will provide for tomorrow –so why worry?

  3. I challenge this president, to stick to his words and hold his ministers and himself responsible for the betterment of GUYANA. Talk is Cheap. Walk the plank.

  4. For 20 plus years,the then Opposition tried to stop the extravagance and corruption of the PPP/C government.Kleptomania was the rule of the day,but NOW it is GOOD GOVERNANCE,WISDOM and PROGRESS.A REAL LEADER,COMPETENT and HONEST MINISTERS are in CHARGE.UNITING GUYANESE is a PLUS,thus a BRIGHTER DAY.

  5. You can’t take pomp and ceremony to the shop or market to buy food or clothes. Pomp and ceremony (mass games as one example) were used by Burnham to distract attention from the hardship faced by the population. Granger and his de facto administration is at it again PNC style, no doubt. It’s right to celebrate independence but not with that proposed unlimited uncontrolled spending locally and abroad while the people are struggling to make ends meet at home. For twenty years the current administration when in opposition, blocked every development project put forward by the PPPC. So what is there to celebrate? On this one, I fully agree with Freddie Kissoon


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