Letters: How credible is GPL’s Chairman Robert Badal?


“For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” – Matthew 7:2

Chairman of GPL, coalition financier Robert Badal, has accused former President and Leader of the Opposition, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, of having an “irresponsible, deceitful nature”.

He was alluding to Dr Jagdeo’s contention that GPL has accumulated the sum of an estimated $20 billion “… because they (GPL) did not lower the price of electricity when the price of fuel fell on the world market” (proportionate to the drop of fuel prices).”

Dr Jagdeo asserted at a recent Press Conference that “… They (GPL) have collected from ordinary citizens, and our businessmen, some $20B more than they should have collected in two years from us, and it is sitting in an account at GPL.” ‘Some’ being the operative word, because the figure Dr Jagdeo quoted was estimated from various factors.

Mr Badal’s denouement of Dr Jagdeo’s averment begs the question of why did he not correct Dr Jagdeo by supplying the actual figure, given the fact of his admission that “… GPL has achieved a significant improvement in its financial position.” So then why disdainfully dismiss our expectations of accountability by not providing us with the real figure? Give us the true sum, Mr Chairman.

It is quite interesting that GPL’s Chairman saw it necessary to debunk the Opposition Leader’s claim, while notably remaining silent on a number of other GPL-related issues.

Mr Chairman, please tell us when will this promised improvement in the delivery of reliable electricity to households and businesses be effected? We are tired of the blackouts, the power interruptions and the voltage fluctuations: Why are you silent on the issue of the award of a tender to a contractor for more than $1B above the lowest bid received? Remember you promised good governance, transparency and accountability: Why are you not forthcoming on the actual acquisition costs of electricity to the national grid from the proposed “Hope Wind Farm Project”? Does this make good business sense? Do you have a view, or are you making accommodation for another political investor to get a windfall?

Sir, if you are to retain any credibility you must inform the public of the acquisition cost of fuel today, as compared to prior prices; and the actual cost of generating electricity today; as well as the reason rates have not been adjusted accordingly, subsequent to the last rebate.

Please publicly declare the amount of money being deposited, on a monthly basis, to the ‘Foregone Revenue Account’ of GPL.

Hope to hear from you, Mr. Chairman; your credibility is on the line. The customers of GPL await your response.

Yours truly,
Bishop J Edghill PPP/C MP



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