Letter to the Editor: Grassroots being trampled with gov’t salary increases


Dear Editor,

President Granger and his government promised “a better life for all Guyanese.” Is this really true? According to Minister Harmon, in an article in Stabroek News on October 7th, “we have to pay people well if we want them to perform.” If this is what he believes, how come poor people/ordinary citizens are forced to accept low salaries/wages?

People have been working as public servants for years but got very meagre increases in salaries and wages. This government is in office for merely five months but already they are giving themselves huge increases.

We found Mr Harmon’s statement that his cabinet has “quality” people as his justification for their voluptuous salaries insulting to the rest of us (we use the word ‘voluptuous’ deliberately.) We ordinary citizens are responsible for the government being in office. If it wasn’t for us, the presumably ‘no quality’ people, the “quality” people would not have been in the positions they now hold. When they wanted our votes they were not so high and mighty, but now the Minister of State has the gall to say he has no apologies to make about them getting that increase. Well, he should apologise to the people who put them all in office, since they are forcing us to live on starvation wages.

Minister Harmon further justifies his government’s position as it relates to the increase, that they have to be paid well so that they wouldn’t ‘thief’ like the former officials. It would seem that Mr Harmon and his cabinet members lack integrity. We find his justification very disturbing.

If they can’t survive on over $500,000 per month why do they expect other people to live on $6,500, $17,000 and $50,000 per month? These categories of people don’t get duty free concessions and all the other perks the government officials are entitled to.

If they were earning more in their other jobs, why didn’t they stick to those jobs and give others a chance to fill the government positions? We never asked them to sacrifice their high-paying jobs at the expense of us, the grassroots, being trampled upon. Yes, this is what we feel, trampled upon. This just goes to show where their true interest is. They are not sufficiently better than the ones they replaced.

Yours faithfully,
Joy Marcus
Halima Khan
Wintress White 
Joycelyn Bacchus
For Red Thread




  1. The ppp govt stole so much corrupt to the highest degree and not one of these ppl that has comment came out. Call it blind or call it foolishness.

  2. On the nose, Red Thread. Harmon’s statement on this matter is both arrogant and self serving. Pandoras box is now open and all the negative things that will happen, will be this Coalition government’s responsibility. Hmmm , arrogant and self serving, has a familiar ring to it:: oh yes this was the previous government’s, Cabal’s modus operandi.

  3. The arrogance of this govt is unbelievable. Only four months in office and there is so much discontent among Guyanese. It seems as if it will be a long five years before they are ousted. Hope there are better people than the previous PPP cabal to replace them. The PPP needs to inject some new, honest people with fresh ideas, in the party. It’s hard to find an honest politician nowadays. The current cabal think that Guyanese are stupid. In fact, they told the public servants that they were stupid when they said that “quality people” (ministers) should receive a hefty pay increase, but public servants would continue to live from pay cheque to pay cheque. They already deprived students of their allowance and scale back real old age pension. Rumjattan, Harpman, Greenidge, Hughes and many others are dumb as a rock. It’s ironic that they say and behave as if Guyanese are dumb. This is the LOL era in Guyana!

  4. Where were you Guys when B. Jagdeo gave himself a kingdom and a half as a salary? Hypocrisy in Guyana is shameless.

  5. What people need to realized is that the Granger Administrator was Installed by the USA….Why is halloway getting involved with politics in Guyana? This is to show that all dunce was carefully placed into the office to make sure the Guyana economy crumble. These guys who are installed should consider them selves followers and NOT leaders! Guyana is finished under Granger and companies! The country will soon run into bankrupt! Crime rate has sky rocketed, people cannot find jobs and government workers are crying for pay except the ministers! The PNC admin are fully back into power!

  6. Guyanese must put aside political affiliation and come out in the strongest condemnation against this arrogant behavior by the Granger cabal. We must not accept this lying down!


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