Letter to Editor: The Military political Alliance – PNC/APNU and the Military Establishment

Cabinet Secretary: Dr. Roger Luncheon
Cabinet Secretary: Dr. Roger Luncheon
Cabinet Secretary: Dr. Roger Luncheon

Since 2011 Granger has accepted the leadership role of both the Parliamentary opposition APNU and the PNC, there has been increasing evidence of the militarisation of the opposition’s leadership.

Legally, actively serving members of the Disciplined Forces are prohibited from active politics. Thus, retired Officers dominate the Political leadership including Collins, Harmon and Felix.

The 2015 Election Campaign has seen an unprecedented increase in the presence of actively involved retired military personnel, many residing abroad mostly in USA. The impact on the serving military is as expected. Granger had been warned of the implications of the militarisation of his campaign. The history of the military’s role in the perpetuation of the illegal undemocratic Burnhamite PNC regime is recent still and painful it is a blot on the military tradition in Guyana. One that Guyanese should try hard to forget.

The spectre of the PNC and the military becoming political bedfellows again must be disturbing to most Guyanese. A Political machinery run by the military is no longer fiction: Granger made it happen. Guyanese can only think of implications of the Military Political Alliance to succeeding in the coming election. The candidate list of APNU/AFC will confirm our worst fears. Then Guyana will have to think of the payback.

Dr Roger Luncheon

Head, Presidential Secretariat

April 4, 2015



  1. roger luncheon is a shameless barefaced senile skunk whose behavior is that of a self-hater eating himself out from the inside now that it is dusk and his legacy will be that of a house-negro.

    in years to come when folks reflect back on these times full of corruption, nepotism, wholesale give away of the country’s resources, fear-mongering, hate-mongering and race-baiting they will remember this man’s face.

  2. Good bye Roger. You must consider yourself lucky. 23 years serving the PPP is nothing to be proud of. But you did it to yourself so you will have noone to blame when you lose your job May 12. Your monotonous radio ramblings and inept govt performance will not be missed. You should have stuck to medicine but even that is probably too much for you now. At the end of the day you propped up a corrupt regime and did your best to propagate their ineptness, racism and nepotism. That to me is your legacy. I cannot wait to wish you good riddance.

  3. The good doctor is acting here in the normal way members of his party would act. Employ fear tactics to frighten the people. Well it worked back in the days but it is not working now for them. Guyanese are tired of the government’s blatant abuse of power and disrespect. Doctor Luncheon and his goons know that the writing is on the wall, and that time is up for their mismanagement of the countries resources and their gross incompetence in general. He should know that come May 11th they have to go. As a country and a people we have come of age and understand abuse. Thus will no longer find a place ever again in the new Guyana. So Doctor Luncheon adiós.

  4. As an ex Police n CANU officer, I choose to vote for a change so you Roger Luncheon better go to bed, foolishness, so we served the counrty n yet we not allowed to publicly support a political party.

  5. Arent military personnel Guyanese, and shouldn’t they be allowed to join a party of their choice. Are you Mr. Luncheon limiting the ability of an ex army or police person to make a contribution to their country, because of your fear? well you had better get over it, because of people like you and the desire to get people like you and your government out, that is the reason why the other side has attracted so many people even people from the military to help. Granger did not put a gun to their heads and force them to join him, it is because of what you and your fellow PPP/c are doing to the country that cause them to come out and show their support to the opposition. So think about how you can change their perception about your party, instead of telling them who to support.


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