Letter: The need for improvement in fire prevention

A firefighter in action

Dear Editor,

The announced investment in Amerindian communities in the interior is very good news. We must, however, remember that the Fire Service is in urgent need of improvement, and pressurised water lines and sprinkler systems in buildings are still a major shortcoming.

Protecting children at school and in the dorms must remain a top priority for investment in the interior.

Our nation will never forget the horrors of the tragedy that took the lives of so many children. We must not delay any further in ensuring the improvement of our fire prevention & fire safety programmes.

CRG hopes that additional funds will be allocated for such an initiative for the benefit of our Amerindian communities in the near future. Given the recent surge in fires in other parts of the country, it would also be beneficial to have such an initiative implemented throughout the country.

CRG encourages the Ali Administration to relook at its budget to ensure that such an important initiative is properly funded and given the priority it deserves.

Best regards,
Jamil Changlee