Letter: The masses have now come face to face with the real corruptors!


Dear Editor,

When the PPP/C took office in 1992 they could have prosecuted many PNC ministers for the massive fraud, embezzlement and numerous acts of corruption they had committed on this nation. They bankrupted an entire country after robbing it dry.

They then borrowed billions of dollars from various international loan agencies so that they could continue penchant stealing. However, upon assuming office, Dr Jagan took the right course of action to initiate national healing by not resorting to political witch-hunting-he forgave them their trespasses!

The PPP/C immediately began to rebuild the socio-economic fabric, which the PNC destroyed, by implementing sound economic policies. They were able to transform Guyana into an upper middle class country from a poor and highly indebted one. It took 23 years of nation building.

But alas! What we are now seeing is the reverse. After nearly two years in office the PNC dominated coalition government has once again succeeded in plunging the country in a regressive mode, over-taxing the people, eroding their standard of living and making crimes a daily feature.

Once again they have emptied the treasury and filled their own pockets with humongous tax free salaries and massive squandermania and corruption.

But what is more repulsive is the fact that immediately upon taking office the Coalition Government has launched an unrelenting and unconscionable witch hunt against the very people whose economic gains they are now enjoying.

The PNC dominated coalition has now embarked on a contrived ploy not only to embarrass former President Dr Jagdeo but other PPP members as well since they have failed in their quest to uncover the massive corruption which was their campaign mantra.

Instead they have now unleashed SOCU to arrest these people knowing fully well that those charges will never stand up in a court of law.

This contrived diversion is also aimed at getting away from the very serious social and economic problems that they have generated and for which they have no solution. But they cannot fool the people anymore. The masses have now come face to face with the real corruptors!

However, if the Coalition feels that this ploy will tarnish the image of these PPP stalwarts and derail the efforts of the PPP, they are dead wrong.

The PPP is a party which is built on struggle and it thrives and grows strong under oppressive conditions, therefore this latest act of political witch hunting will only serve to ignite the revolutionary fire within the hearts of the PPP members and supporters and unite them in the fight against this growing and shameless dictatorship.

Lastly, destroying the sugar industry will not destroy the PPP, it will make them stronger. This Government needs to stop and think well on this self-destructive course it has been charting. They have already grossly decimated their chances at the 2020 General Elections unless they are confident of resurrecting their infamous rigging machinery.

Yours sincerely,
Haseef Yusuf



  1. The PPP will

    Rise like a phoenix
    Out of the ashes seeking rather than vengeance
    Retribution you were warned
    Once I’m transformed…

    A message to the PNC AFC collection government
    From. The citizen of this beautiful country Guyana
    You are warned


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