Letter: PNC Region 5 MP must be condemned by all

Vinceroy Jordan

Dear Editor,

It is sad and nasty what the PNC Region 5 Member of Parliament Vinceroy Jordan did a few days ago in Belladrum, West Coast Berbice, Region 5. This MP holds himself out as, and is believed to be, a Christian preacher, but his actions are more like those of the devil, and maybe he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing going around the church preaching for collection and tithes.

Minister Sonia Parag journeyed to Belladrum to meet the people, especially youths, to take developmental projects to their community. It was something requested by the residents of the said village for their benefit, especially to get youths positively active and involved in educational projects. Many in that village wanted to hear about the Government scholarship programmes that youths in the area can benefit from towards elevating themselves in various fields that are of interest to them.

Minister Parag went there with good intentions, to ensure the people of Belladrum also have equal access to, and a fair share of, the development taking place across Guyana under this present PPP\C Administration, led by President Irfaan Ali.

Minister Parag was there because this Government cared for all of Guyana, no matter their race, religion, political affiliation, status, sex, etc.

Why is this Government so caring for all? When President Ali took office, he said he is the President of all of Guyana, and that is why the President wanted to ensure development happens across Guyana in every village, as “One Guyana” where all are involved.

But low and behold, that so-called preacher Vinceroy Jordan, who is a sitting MP for the PNC, wants to see less development in Guyana, and to ensure that the people of Belladrum and Region 5 suffer, as he is blocking development in various communities by having himself and goons chasing out those that are taking positive developmental projects into the village of Belladrum and other areas.

This PNC MP should be ashamed, because when the PNC (I am saying PNC because PNC owns APNU and AFC) was in power from 2015 to 2020, they hardly did anything for the people, especially the youths of Belladrum.

I am not singing my own praise, but I am the one who took the former REO to have a look at the Belladrum Secondary School after I had visited that school. The former REO sat in his van and said to me, “Abel, nothing is wrong with the school, just a little painting I see it needs on the outside.” I said to him, “You can’t be inside this vehicle and say all is well in the school. Get out, and let’s check inside and see the condition.”

He was shocked when he saw what was happening. He then wanted to make excuse that the funds were not there to start any work. I said, “With all the owls’ dung and bats in the library, you are saying what? I then said I would encourage the staff and students to stage a strike and let’s see what will be after. Within days, work started at that very school. His friend was given the contract to resurface the tarmac, and did substandard work, but it was approved by him and not the Works Committee.

Viceroy Jordan should be ashamed to even set foot into Belladrum, because his party did nothing for the people there, but just encourage them to block roads and create problems just after the 2020 elections. That is all the PNC and Jordan are cable of doing.

Now Jordan is stopping the Minister from taking development to the people? let him tell us what would he and the PNC now do for the people, especially the youths of Belladrum, who want to see and be part of the development and gaining scholarships.

Jordan was given the MP position because we all know who he is very close to, and he has no political will or strength of his own. He is a weak link in the region as a politician, and talks nonsense whenever he opens his mouth to talk about politics. The people need to blame him, and not the Government, now that he has blocked the Minister from outlining what would be done for the people of that village.

But I am sure the Minister, and by extension the Government, would find a way to ensure the people of Belladrum are not being left behind, and are part of Guyana’s development as we strive to better all of our people under “One Guyana”.

Jordan and the PNC do not like the “One Guyana” initiative by the President because they only have a racist agenda in them, and that’s their mantra. They are using racism to gain votes and block development in the villages where our African brothers and sisters are living.

But let Jordan and PNC know that they can’t stop the PPP Government from taking Guyana forward. The people of this land are seeing the rapid development that is taking place now, and what was happening under the PNC rule in their five years.

People of Belladrum: don’t be used for a few to have their political agenda carried out. Stop them from depriving you of what you deserve — developmental projects in your community. Don’t allow those wolves in sheep’s clothing to stop development in your community. Instead, stop those very devil’s advocates from going into your village and blocking its development.

Jordan owes the people of Belladrum, and by extension the people of Region 5, a public apology for his nasty work in blocking development because of his racist agenda. We must all condemn Jordan.

Abel Seetaram