LETTER: Granger will do whatever he wants regarding the PM candidate


Dear Editor,
The Cummingsburg talks are underway and the AFC is getting its turn to deal with the doyen of duplicity, David Granger. The main issue is the position of (PM) prime ministerial candidate; the AFC wants it and Granger has other plans. In the terms of the 2015 Accord, the PM slot on the ticket was guaranteed to whomever the AFC nominated, this time around, Khemraj Ramjattan is the nominee but Granger said “I cannot say now, who I would be running with, but I can assure you that the two groups are reviewing the 2015 accord and we hope to come up with a revised accord” and “It is not prudent to anticipate the outcome of negotiations,”. Based on months of listening to Granger prevaricate and temporise following the successful No-Confidence Motion, I can safely pronounce that “Prak cork duck”. He will not be the PM candidate; he can go all the way to the CCJ, win, and still not be the candidate.
It is with a sense of karmic satisfaction that I watch Granger put Khemraj et al on his ‘merry-go-round’. The country experienced Granger’s  no-confidence duplicity that included “awaiting the outcome of the Judicial process”, “abide by the provisions of the Constitution”,  “credible elections in the shortest possible time” and “GECOM is responsible for setting the date, not me”  while Khemraj Ramjattan and his AFC cohorts cheered him (Granger) on. Prak should now cut a rod and go learn to fish in the backdam because he must know that you can only sell your soul to the devil once. That is the ‘accord’ the AFC signed in 2015. Granger now owns the AFC and will do with them what he will.

Robin Singh