Leslie James replaced as Crime Chief


By Leroy Smith

Senior Superintendent, Wendell Blanhum
Senior Superintendent, Wendell Blanhum

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Senior Superintendent, Wendell Blanhum has been elevated to the post of Crime Chief of the Guyana Police Force while his former boss Leslie James now serves in the Office of the Commissioner of Police under the David Granger led administration.

Other changes likely to take place will be the shifting of Commanders in C, D and E Divisions – Christopher Griffith, Marlon Chapman and Calvin Brutus respectively while some changes are also expected to take place at the Traffic Headquarters.

Blanhum has been serving the Guyana Police Force for the past sixteen years and quickly moved through the ranks with his latest promotion being that of a Senior Superintendent at the recent end of year promotions within the force.

Before serving as the second in Charge of the Criminal Investigation Department, Blanhum was also exposed to several training programs both locally and overseas including Crime Prevention Policing, Organized Crimes for the Americas, Policing and Management, Intelligence led policing, Organized Crimes, Law enforcement leadership and with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to name a few.

Former Crime Chief, Leslie James
Former Crime Chief, Leslie James

The new Crime Chief also holds a degree in public management where he graduated with credits, post graduate diploma in development studies as well as Commonwealth Masters in Public Administration which he is expected to be graduating from this August.

Blanhum also served as the Divisional Detective in the Police “A” and “C” Divisions where he also spearheaded several high profile investigations.



  1. I think not only the police force needs reshuffling but all the Ministries also needs reshuffling, especially Ministry of Health. I am very sorry for the Minister who will be heading Health, the PPP has left so much mess for our new Minister of health to clean up.

    A major change thats should be made in Health Ministry is the Chief Medical Officer and the Permanent Secretary, these two people are getting paid with tax payers dollars under false pretence, they have help to health sector to run down to hell pit. These two people should be fired!

  2. I would like to see Mr. Winston Cosbert, Assistant Commissioner, man of great integrity, heading a division. My suggestion would be probably filling the place vacated by Mr. Brian Joseph. Mr. Cosbert is one of the best criminal investigators of the Guyana Police Force, if not the very best of his time. He’s people oriented and distributes justice equitably. He is acquainted with the various modus of operandi by perpetrators. His information network is very reliable, lowering criminal activities in any division that he worked.I would like say that he is even better suited for A Division, replacing Mr. Hickens, whose tenure of office is one that is disputatious. Not forgetting Mr. Julius Wrights, literally pushed in the dog house. The present Police Commissioner failed to separate the issues in a professional matter, guided by the Force Policies and SOPs. The actual perpetrators were promoted, while Assistant Supt. Wrights was overlooked with great prejudice. Let’s look at the picture closely. The first incident, the perpetrators, who were policemen were charged, Mr. Wrights was not. He was neither culpable for their actions, yet the perpetrators were promoted after a twist of fate in their favor, due to nol-le pros-e-qui. The second incident, the perpetrators was charged and placed before the court. Asst. Supt. Was never charged in this incident, in none of the tortures. The truths told, Asst. Supt. Wrights was never measured by the circumstances that led up to these events but by personal issues held against him by Mr. Seelall Persaud, due to the that fact, he is an afro-guyanese and the then Regime afforded Seelall’s actions.

  3. Kudos to His Excellency, President Granger. This approach should be applied to all of the Disciplined Forces – without fear or favour.

    Over the many years, it has been disappointing to witness some personnel of the Disciplined Forces being sent abroad to pursue studies in specific areas and on their return, placed to function in areas not related to their training. This is a waste of Tax Payers money because when these persons “retire”, they migrate to develop other countries. SOME of those graduates even keep what they’ve learnt to themselves to appear irreplaceable and they refuse to disseminate same among their colleagues thus hampering the overall development of their Corp.

    Further, I wish to suggest that the expertise of the Guyana Defence Force, in the areas of Construction Engineering (Buildings, Roads, Highways and Bridges) be utilized and be paid for. In that way, the GDF would be able to earn an income and ease the pressure on its budget allocations from the Central Government.

    Charity begins at home and we have the expertise in our Army. We must stop giving out large Contracts to foreigners.

  4. This change is apparently dictated from the high office, keeping in mind the Minister of Home Affairs is not yet sworn in. Hint of what is in Guyana’s future.

  5. I am so happy to see my long serving friend elevated to a well deserved position,he deserved it, congrats brother,,,,,proud of you


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