PPP calls for immediate resignation of GECOM’s chairman

Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Dr Steve Surujbally. [iNews' Photo]

Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Dr Steve Surujbally. [iNews' Photo]
Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Dr Steve Surujbally. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The main opposition – People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) is calling for the immediate resignation of Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Dr Steve Surujbally.

The Party in a press statement on Monday evening (May 18) expressed that it no longer has confidence in Dr Surujbally, who has been Chairman of the elections Body for approximately 10 years.

The PPP/C was unseated from 23 years of government by the APNU+AFC coalition at the just concluded 2015 general and regional elections but did not accept defeat, citing a flawed electoral process.

Its request for a recount was denied by GECOM. According to the PPP statement, prior to the elections, the Party raised concerns both publicly and privately with the GECOM Chairman, Commission and Secretariat, the advance assessment teams of the UN, Commonwealth and the Carter Centre, the diplomatic community, and subsequently with the International Observer Missions with regard to the partiality of the GECOM machinery.

“The recruitment of polling staff connected to the APNU+AFC coalition was known and the PPPC consistently raised its concerns publicly months before during the recruitment and training periods,” the statement detailed.

It was further noted that fears were also expressed about the removal of the foreign IT Specialist at a critical time just two weeks before the elections and the denial of requests for public disclosures of GECOM Elections Day staff.

“This lack of transparency and willingness to enhance public trust and confidence by GECOM in the face of blatant infiltration of the machinery by known APNU+AFC activists is an indictment.

“Our public positions were supported with conclusive evidence that a number of irregularities were carried out on elections day and the period immediately thereafter particularly multiple voting, creation of fraudulent and fictitious SOP’s etc, to such an extent that any government formed on the basis of declared results (without a recount ) would not reflect the will of the people of Guyana.”

According to the PPP/C, these events have contributed to the loss of confidence in the GECOM machinery and more particularly its Chairman, Dr. Surujbally.

“The PPP/C calls for the immediate resignation of Dr. Surujbally as Chairman.”

According to the statement, the PPP/C has collected and will continue to collect further evidence to file an elections petition.




  1. Well well! George Ramadhin you had me for a moment but then you mention some very key words like “I believe and “allegation of fraud”…… and that just what they are your thoughts and feeling and until you people have creditable evidence that could stand up in court just hush and go your way. Jagdeo and company always say show me the evidence of corruption and he will deal with it so by the very PPP principle so us the evidence

  2. Yes it did, just like it did in 92 when it was the PNC turn to go. Guyana does not belong to the PPP, it belongs to the Guyanese people. Change came and we went with it. Come on board and stop this apaan jhaat nonsense.

  3. Mr. Surujballi, please inform these public and private, profane people , that the vote counts were witnessed by their representatives, the SOP’s were properly signed off upon, tabulations were done by all parties and by GECOM, and that the OBSERVERS witnessed all. The results show that the PPP/C lost. And that the cumulative genuine errors would not have altered their LOSS. Please give an insight into these FAKE SOPS. Who discovered them initially? How were they possibly injected into the system? ? In your opinion Why were they really injected ? What were the breakdown counts? Tell it like it is, sir and SHUT these LOSERS’ mouths. They will now add your honorouble name, alongside Mr. Duncan Sandys, for being CHEATED not DEFEATED.

  4. Where’s his Buddy Jagdeo? shouldn’t he be by his side, or he’s hiding from the Feds? they know what they, the PPP, did in “92, and hoped it would work again in 2015; but Donald what you did not know was, there were more people praying for Guyana this time than ever before, and we’re still praying. And will keep praying until all that the DEVIL & his minions stole from the people is restored. God Bless Guyana.

  5. Accept defeat and relax.Guyana doesn’t belong to ramotar, jagdeo, brassington and the rest of the ppp mafias and oligarchs the international observers said that the electoins were free and fair.if the the pnc had made those statements while in opposition you would have said the pnc wants to make the country ungovernable so buzz ppp and sit on the opposition bench you guys strayed away from cheddi jagan teachings and adopt a greedy attitude just to enrich your friends and cronies

  6. You are calling for the resignation of GECOM’s chairman because he did not steal the election for you guys. Move on, you lost the election, this is the 21st century. Democracy prevails dictators. You are a disgrace to Guyana, Let the new government lead this beautiful country to become vibrant again.

  7. How about the resignation of Ramoutar, Jagdeo, Nandalall and Irfaan Ali from the PPP party and public life? You guys are racists and/or crooks and deserve banishment. The other penalties will follow after forensic audit.

  8. I support this call by the PPP for the immediate resignation of GECOM’s Chairman. APNU had solid support from its traditional support base, AFC brought a few, but it was not enough to win the 2015 polls. Change is not my contention, it is good for any democracy but it must be done fairly. I honestly believe this so called change did not reflect the true will of the people. GECOM must answer to the allegations of FRAUD. Only the people of Guyana get to choose a Government of their choice NOT Surujbally and GECOM.


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