Lawyer demands Whittaker announce date for LGE, or else…

Constitutional Lawyer and Politician, Saphier Husain

By Kurt Campbell

Constitutional Lawyer and Politician, Saphier Husain
Constitutional Lawyer and Politician, Saphier Husain

[] – Consequent to the High Court Order secured by Constitutional Lawyer and Politician, Saphier Husain, Local Government Minister, Norman Whittaker has until tomorrow to announce a date for the long-overdue Local Government Elections (LGE).

Husain, in his capacity as Leader of the National Independent Party, dispatched a ‘Notice of Demand’ to the Minister on October 01.

“Take notice that I demand that you forthwith (within 7 days) carry out your statutory duties in accordance with the Local Authorities (Election) Act Chapter 28:03 of the Laws of Guyana Section (35) (as amended) and by order appoint a day for the holding of the Local Government Elections within the 1st November and the 7th December inclusive pursuant to the Local Government Act Cap 28:02 Sec 22 (3) of the Laws of Guyana and the Municipal and District Council Act Cap 28:01 Sec (3),” the letter stated.

Husain informed the Minister in the same letter that he is required to reply within 7 days, on or before Wednesday the 8th day of October, 2014; adding that failure to reply shall be considered a refusal of his demand and appropriate actions shall be taken and/or be continued.

The Lawyer, who plans to contest in the next General, Regional and Local Government Elections, told iNews today that the Chief Justice has adjourned the case he filed in the High Court until Tuesday, October 14.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Norman Whittaker
Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Norman Whittaker

Husain wants the Court to order the Minister to hold the local polls any time between November 1 and December 31, 2014. He says the Notice is without prejudice to the affidavit submitted to the High Court.

“I have to submit some material for him to read so he can rule next Tuesday,” he explained.

The Lawyer says the Minister now has the option as to whether he will announce a date or the Court Order against him will proceed.

“In the meantime I’m saying that since the Bill No. 13 of 2014 was not assented to by the President… from December 2, 2013 it is my submission that all NDCs, Mayor and City Councils became illegal,” he added; further explaining that “there is no protective act or no order by the Minister for the date of elections and unless that is done they are not protected.”

Husain said this prolonged delay to hold LGE seems to be in the government’s favor.

“Everything that is being done is illegal… all contracts made are void and all salaries paid refundable and taxes are being collected illegally.”

Husain says he hopes the Minister will announce a date for LGE by tomorrow.



  1. take a good look at he pic..u will see dis old grey goose looks like he taking his last stance…looks like he hanging on a thread

  2. My problem is the grandstanding, Guyanese people living in dirt and dem bannah dis just making a career based on their suffering. When I am happy and want to be depressed I read about Guyana.

  3. GRA should investigate this johnny cum lately to see if he withholding he tax since everything is illegal according to he.


  5. If I was the Minister responsible, I will ask Hoosain to mount my back.
    I will just swiftly lean forward and let him tumble over.


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