Dynamic Airways will be back in the air for Christmas Season

President Donald Ramotar, Captain Gerald Gouveia and Dynamic Airways Vice President Tom Johnson
President Donald Ramotar, Captain Gerald Gouveia and Dynamic Airways Vice President Tom Johnson

[www.inewsguyana.com] – According to the Guyana Aviation, Dynamic Airways which was forced to suspend its service to Guyana earlier this year following some startup problems has announced that the US Department of Transportation has granted approval for the airline to operate to a variety of destinations in South America.

The Chief Operations Officer at Dynamic Airways Bill Gray, said, the airline will resume regular flights between New York and Georgetown late next month, as well as inaugurate service between Orlando and destinations in Brazil, Canada, and US.

Guyana Aviation noted that preparations for the start of service between Orlando and the destinations in Brazil, Canada and US are in their final stages.

“Our flights to Georgetown this summer revealed a tremendous need for reliable, quality air service. Since that time, Dynamic has undergone a substantial internal reorganization with new management and a new focus on its product and service. Starting late November, Guyana will now enjoy the comfort and quality air service that this Caribbean Nation deserves.”

It was noted that news of the cities and start dates will be released within the upcoming days.

“Plans are well underway and the entire staff of Pilots, Flight Attendants, Corporate personnel, Managers, and Executives is proud to be part of this new initiative. We are going forward full speed with our new mantra “Tremendous People, Tremendous Service,” Gray pointed out.

The company’s local representative Captain Gerry Gouveia of Roraima Airways is expected to play a greater role in the operations of the airline between Guyana and New York. He has been added to the airline’s team along with his wife to overlook the Guyana return, the statement further added.

The airline had suspended all flights on July 8, approximately two weeks after it commenced operations; explaining that the suspension was due to operational difficulties the airline encountered while trying to secure time slots at the JFK airport for the month of July.

When the cancellation was announced, Dynamic had indicated that it will allow the airline to secure time slots at JFK airport, organize better ground handling and check in process as well as secure schedule integrity which Dynamic Airways is well known for.

Dynamic Airways hit its first snag during its inaugural flight to New York on June 27, which led the airline to fire its ground handler, causing hours of delay and missed connecting flights for its passengers.



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