Law Students to lobby Hugh Wooding for payment plan

President of the UGLSS, Chevy Devonish

By Jomo Paul

President of the UGLSS, Chevy Devonish
President of the UGLSS, Chevy Devonish

[] – The University of Guyana Law Students Society (UGLSS) is considering the option of lobbying the Hugh Wooding Law School (HWLS) for Guyanese students that are not able to pay the increased tuition to be granted a payment plan.

This is in light of the Trinidad-based law school recently hiking its fees by $1.6M for Guyanese; however it should be noted that the increase is not just for the Guyanese graduates but it has been implemented across the board.

But the government of some countries provides a scholarship programme for students so they will only pay a fraction of the costs to complete their law degrees.

President of the UGLSS, Chevy Devonish told iNews that it is well within the rights of HWLS to increase tuition fees but consideration has to be made for those students who will not be able to pay the increase.

“The raise, especially coming so close to the new semester, will put both continuing students as well as students who are commencing their first year in some amount of problems,” said Devonish.

He pointed out that for the most part, students would have been accumulating funds to pay for the last fee hence the increase of $1.6M will put an additional strain on them.

The UGLSS President noted that a payment plan is one of the options being pursued and should be given consideration given that some students have expressed concerns over the hike in tuition.

“I am trying to ensure that the second years at Hugh Wooding Law School are not forced to drop out because of their probable inability to pay and so I am trying to facilitate a process where they can addendum the requisite amount of money or where they can pay a part now and pay later despite the policy of 100% payment.”

He said that at present some students are at their wits end in trying to gather the additional amount of monies for school.




  1. Is it possible that we may have too many lawyers in a small country like Guyana? Guyana’s development will be based on STEM educated professionals. The Government should focus its resources on these areas of academia.


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