Alexei Ramotar sent on leave; investigation launched into E-Governance project

Alexei Ramotar
Alexei Ramotar
Alexei Ramotar

[] – The Ministry of the Presidency (MOP) has decided to conduct an investigation into the financial arrangements of the E-Governance Project and as such, Minister of State Joseph Harmon has instructed Project Manager Alexei Ramotar to proceed on administrative leave with immediate effect.

A press statement from MOP noted that Minister Harmon says this recent move is to ensure proper facilitation of these investigations. Ramotar is the son of former President, Donald Ramotar.

Earlier this month, Harmon and a team visited the project, where he instructed Government’s Adviser on E-Governance Floyd Levi, to “work closely” with Ramotar and the E-Government project.

The relationship between Harmon and the younger Ramotar got off on a rather rocky start, as the Minister of State had accused him of not turning up to work since the new APNU+AFC government took office.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon
Minister of State, Joseph Harmon

However, Ramotar had denied these allegations, informing iNews that he hasn’t missed a single day at work since the new administration took over.

It is under Ramotar’s management of the project that 40% of the Fibre Optic Cable has been damaged and he admitted that it is now too expensive to fix.




  1. It amazes me that some people think that Indians are being victimize and that they seem to think that the government should keep some persons on the job, when their performances were terrible and tainted with corruption and misappropriation of public funds.Look at how this country has been for the past 23 years and a Government who has now been in power for less than 3 months, all of a sudden is receiving so much blame.This is ridiculous, if you don’t perform or didn’t perform you need to be sent home,same as any other country, it’s that simple

  2. I agree with. Bibi. This have nothing to with indian or black, however the Permanent Secretaries are accounting officers for the various ministries, hence the buck stop there, so they all should be fired. You saying that all the big jobs under the PPP only indian get them, that is not true. Under the PPP there were 15 permanent secretaries (11 afro &4 indian ) . These are high paid job bibi. However only (nige, colin, hyder) get fired. King, mcgarrel, jervis, delma, angela, cadgon, mckenzie, cummings are still on the job. Also note all the deputy permanent secretaries are afro. These are high paid job also.The Head of the Work Services group and head GGMC are afro these are high paid job. Also they ( APNU/ AFC) fired sheik baksh & rai singh ( indian ) , but they keep keith borrows & clint williams ( afro ) . So explain bibi

  3. Murphy’s Law….’….if something can go wrong, it will.’
    Peter Principle, “…….. Rise to the level of his/her incompetence.”
    Mr. Ramotar should do some serious introspection about his role in this massive project. The feasibility study ? Potential, Possible Problems/ Pitfalls…? When did he realize that the project was not going according to plans? To whom did he report? What suggestions did he offer, then? Et Cetera!

  4. Don’t forget that the majority of employees under the PPP administration for the past 23 years were indians hired in key positions, so it will appear like you said, that only indians are getting fired or sent on leave.

    It is not a matter of indians or blacks, if there is a need for investigations about contractual jobs, inept performances, etc., drastic measures must be taken especially when our tax dollars are involved.
    The work ethics in Guyana, job performance and the completion of projects that will enhance the financial growth of Guyana are some of the key components to the economic engine of the country.

  5. Agree. But why floyd levi is still on the job. He should be fired also. The CEO and PS ministry of housing should be send on leave and an investigation launched also. It seem as though only indians getting fired or send on leave. Unfair.

  6. The new administration has all right to fire all the PPP members.Its a new a Govt and thus we do need party supporters to function in the capacity as Ministers,Permanent Secs,Ambassadors and such like.When the defeated PPP took office in 1992 they did exactly the same to PNC supporters,cant they remember that???People Power,wake up and smell the coffee.What goes around comes around.PPP do not have another chance in Govt.They have ruined the economy and hard working Guyanese taxpayers.They ought to be ashamed to pronounced on the firing of their supporters.You cant try the devils case in hell meaning you cannot have your enemies working/dwelling among you.Let Alexie Ramotar gooo and there are many others like him to go also.

  7. To what extend was 40% of the cable damaged? What cause the damage? something not sounding right here? If I am the head of a National project, I have to be dense to ignore that level of failure,.

  8. When will the hammer drop on brassington for that unnecessary Marriott Hotel and all of the other wasteful projects he spent the public’s money on as though those funds were his. While sitting on his fat hands as the Chinese refused to hire Guyanese labor.

  9. Is this corruption ? What is the status on that ? Has the list of missing vehicles published as yet ? Did I miss that one ? If the Minister Of Ministers is not going to tell the truth about the Project Manager’s presence on the job.. how can the public believe him with other serious matters and rely on his credibility ? And the natural question now is whether the Minister Of Ministries is sending the PM on administrative leave ?

  10. I am not sure if firing all Pro-PPP administrators is justified. Hope the investigation is fair and transparent. Harmon had stated that Ramotar did not show up for work since the new govt took office, but Ramotar indicated that he had not missed a single day of work. People are watching the actions of the new govt. If they victimise Pro-PPP administrators unjustly, they won’t last too long. The margin of victory was very slim….and questionable.


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