Large acreage rice lands destroyed by salt water in Region 2


Scores of rice farmers in the Westbury and Dartmouth areas on the Essequibo Coast are bitterly complaining about the intrusion of salt water onto their rice lands.

The farmers are counting their losses as they are unable to reap anything this crop. During a visit to the area Monday rice farmers related that the Region Two (Pomeroon/Supenaam) Administration has failed to address their concerns in a timely manner.

Rice burnt in the Westbury area (Guyana Times photo)
Rice burnt in the Westbury area (Guyana Times photo)

According to them, the sluice door at Westbury is falling apart and despite several reports to the regional office nothing has been done. They explained that the door was leaking and the administration sent planks to stop the flow of water. The farmers explained that the planks were a swift intervention but it needed to be bolted down.

“Just a simple augur to use to bolt down, the administration don’t have, and because of that the water broke away into our lands. Who would compensate us?” a rice farmer wanted to know.

According to reports, over 24,000 acres of rice lands are under cultivation out of 36,200. Recently a team headed by Region Two Chairman Devanand Ramdatt accompanied by Regional Vice Chairman Nandranie Coonjah visited the backdams in February. During that visit the team noticed many crops damaged due to the intrusion of water.



  1. One auger not available, and thousands of acres lost .Hey guys , you do not seem like real people. You watch on and do nothing, man you need a fine for stupidity, not compensation. God, helps those that help themselves.!!!


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