City Hall raises vendor’s fees by 500%

Empty stalls at the refurbished Merriman Mall
The Mayor and City Council (M&CC) of Georgetown will be raising the fees for vendors plying their trade at the rehabilitated Merriman Mall.
The new fee is now $1500 daily, jumping from $300.
This huge increase is not resonating well with vendors who are bitterly objecting to the arbitrary move by City Hall.
Two months after finally being relocated to their initial vending spot, the vendors had opined that everything would return to normalcy.
Empty stalls at the refurbished Merriman Mall
Empty stalls at the refurbished Merriman Mall

This thought was however short-lived, as returning to the spot comes with a hefty price tag for rental fees.

The adjusted announcement was made during a meeting yesterday at City Hall to facilitate the way forward for the vendors.
According to a news report in today’s Guyana Times,  one of the vendors present at the meeting yesterday disclosed that the M&CC had spontaneously ‘dropped’ the mandate, thereby driving shock and frustration through the majority of the vendors.
INews understands that the vendors had paid $300 per day for the rental before they were moved; and while at the Cummings Street location, they would be required to pay $1500 daily from tomorrow (Wednesday).
It is understood that the vendors had tried to negotiate for a reduction, complaining that this was way too high for just a day’s occupancy.
However, their attempts were futile since it was reported that they were told a reduction was not possible.


  1. This is gross exploitation by City Hall. The cost for fresh Greens and Vegetable will definitely go up and the burden will fall on the City Dwellers.Come on Town Clerk, you can do better than this.

  2. Not fair at all. If the huge increase is necessary, it should have been introduced over 2 years, every six months. Why do our government organizations, central and local, treat hard working people in such an arbitrary and autocratic manner.. You are a servant of the people ,who pay your wages, and they must be treated with respect !! You should wait until after local elections, before any such levy is introduced.

  3. This is a ridiculous fee. I am not a vendor yet I am fully aware of how harsh this fee is for the vendors per day! Come on M&C C have a heart. My I suggest that since you sit in your high office and make this out of reach fee payment why don’t you come and sell at the there for the day just for one week and see what happens! Stop being a money grabber, and allow the small mam to live too, why is it that you alone can live ‘nice’ and the vendors have to srape to make ends meet? I thought you all want goodness and equality for all Guyanese!

  4. I do not feel sorry for these people….When GREEN rally them during election campaign, they were ALL singing PNC PNC….Now PNC dictatorship raise their fee from $500 to $1500….these people hardly make any sales when the day is up, how can they afford a fee of $1500? JOKES! These dunces we have as ministers has already KILLED the Guyana economy….See Keiteur news where Ramjattan is calling to revoke license issues by the PPP…WHY? If these business are operating and you allow more competitor, it will be good for the market….Why revoke license for a business makes NO sense….but these dunces do not care about the economy….ALL THEY care about is GREED, their EGO is large…..typical old school dunces ruling Guyana

  5. Ha Ha Ha chage they wanted and change they got. You vote for that so live with it. you don’t sell $1500 a day so pay out of your pocket now. bunch of fools.


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