Lands & Surveys to prosecute Squatters



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Lands[] – The Guyana Lands & Surveys Commission will be moving to prosecute illegal squatters and increase its demolition exercise countrywide in a matter of weeks, according to Commissioner Doorga Persaud

During a Press Briefing today (July, 24) at its head office on Hadfield Street, the Commissioner stated that the increase in illegal squatting countrywide has prompted this reaction from the commission to ensure it protects State lands that are being claimed illegally in some cases.

According to Persaud, there are persons who occupy State lands and are infringing on the rights of others who legitimately apply for lands.

He emphasized that new squatters’ settlement will not be regularized, as he noted that lands are being sold by illegal squatters, in some cases. The most prevalent cases of squatting occur in the Linden/Soesdyke highway area and the lands are being used for residential and agricultural purposes.

Meanwhile, Senior Land Administration officer Michael Hutson urged persons to go through the legitimate channels and apply for lands instead of squatting and trying to defraud the state.




  1. watch opposition come blazing with talks of racism and advantage against the poor..those who bought these illegal lands must also be prosecuted to the fullest by the law without fear or favor..they know they didnt go through the proper channels to get their land.. illegal squatting and illegal vending must be a thing of the past and musty not be tolerated ever again..those who will cry injustice will never vote for the ruling party anyways…some of these squatters have other buildings legally and are beastly loaded financially…remove the parasites who sleep on the sidewalks at night a large tent and place them there where they really belonged..


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