Land Court Judge’s home invasion…defendant alleges confession was forced


As the trial of the five men accused of robbing and terrorising land court judge Justice Nicola Pierre and her husband on July 9, 2015 continues, Magistrate Zamilla Ally-Seepaul has ruled that a voir dire into whether or not the oral confession and caution statement of one of the defendants will be admitted into evidence.

Land Court Judge, Nicola Pierre and her husband, Mohamed Chand
Land Court Judge, Nicola Pierre and her husband, Mohamed Chand

Premnauth Samaroo, Damien Millington, 22, of Lot 118 Caesar Street, Agricola, Greater Georgetown, Nicholas Narine, 18, also of Caesar Street, Agricola; Anthony David, 28, of 63 Hadfield Street, Stabroek, Georgetown, and Warren McKenzie, 22, of Lot 18 Brutus Street, Agricola, are currently before the court for the robbery and home invasion, as well as an additional charge of discharging a loaded firearm at security guard Ron Peters.

They have denied these charges and are on remand while the trial is underway. Last week, the matter continued before Magistrate Ally-Seepaul at Sparendaam Magistrates’ Courts and the Magistrate announced that the void dire will commence on February 24. The Magistrate related that the void dire trial will be to ascertain whether an oral confession and caution statement given by Damien Millington will be admitted into evidence, or whether they were forcefully given.

This comes after Special Prosecutor Nigel Hughes led evidence, stating that Millington verbally confessed to the crime to police on July 16, 2015 at Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Eve Leary, however, Millington is vehemently denying this saying that he was forced to sign a caution statement.

As such, the Magistrate has advised the accused to present witnesses to attest to his allegation of being forced to sign the alleged confession.




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