Kanuku Suites Hotel robbery: Police to review footage from surveillance cameras


Two armed men under the guise of being customers ventured into the Kanuku Suites Hotel, Campbellville, Georgetown, late Saturday night and shot a man, robbing him and his companions of both foreign and local currency.

robberyINews understands that a few minutes before midnight on Saturday, the two gunmen held up 31-year-old Rondell Orlando who was at the bar of the hotel with two other men.

The perpetrators took away USD $3000 and GYD $40,000 as well as the cellular phones from the three men, then one of the armed men shot Orlando to his left side.

The duo then made their good their escape into a waiting car outside near to the hotel.

Orlando was then rushed to the city hospital to be treated for his wound.

Commander of “A” Division Clifton Hicken, told INews today that at present police ranks are yet to apprehend any suspects in connection with the robbery and shooting.

However, he noted that footage will soon be reviewed from surveillance cameras to assist investigators with capturing the criminals.




  1. These bandits are not physics . Some one of the hotel employees must be informed the bandits.


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