Pensioner calls on Govt to restore water, electricity subsidies – says senior citizens finding it hard to survive


The nixing of Government subsidies to electricity and water for pensioners has made it difficult for them to provide for their basic needs, thus adding to their hardships.

This was reiterated by fish vendor Zoreena Persaud who indicated that if she had not been a working woman, her husband, an old aged pensioner would have struggled to survive.

Patentia resident and fish vendor, Zoreena Persaud
Patentia resident and fish vendor, Zoreena Persaud

“It affect we really bad, if me didn’t got this business I don’t know how me husband would mek out,” she related.

She noted that even with the recent increase in the old-aged pension, she is unable to meet all her needs and is calling for the reinstatement of government subsidies.

“We calling on the authorities to put it back to how it was like before,” Persaud emphasised.
The Patentia resident further said that apart from her husband, many other elderly persons in the area cannot afford their bills.

“The old people dem got to pay for water, dem ah get one lil $17,000 but wha de use?”
“You have to pay it back for light, we have to pay phone bill… when dem old people done pay da what would left out of da $17,000?” questioned the fish vendor.

Over the past few months several other pensioners from various communities across Guyana have been expressing their views about the difficulties they face since the electricity and water subsidies were scrapped by the Government. They have also made several calls for the Administration to review the situation with the aim of providing more assistance to senior citizens in order to make life a bit more comfortable for them, however, so far the Government has not budged.


  1. Granger/PNC main agenda is to rape Guyana in every possible way and those that suffer as a result of their plundering, are casualties of their greed. PNC/APNU/AFC never cared about the people and never will. Remember this is the same person (Granger) that ate the imported cheese and lived the good life all while the mass couldn’t do so under the Burnham’s regime. Granger is used to turning a blind eye that’s why he has to go to confession so often…

  2. Restoring electricity and water subsidies to pensioners should be ‘peanuts’ for the Finance Minister. He should get some wisdom from the Peanuts cartoon.

  3. Pensioner calls on Govt to restore water, electricity subsidies – says senior citizens finding it hard to survive
    All you old folks can call on PNC for all things but PNC wont budge.
    PNC ent got no money for yall.
    PNC got one more big jump up coming and thats all PNC cares for.

  4. This Defacto Granger administration will continue to full their pockets while the average man,woman and child suffers. One must ask “is this the good life that Granger promised”.


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