Kaieteur News’ Chief Editor, Reporter appears in Court

Kaieteur News Reporter, Rehanna Ramsay.

Editor-in-Chief of the Kaieteur News, Adam Harris and Reporter Rehanna Ramsay were today fine $150,000 and $50,000 respectively by Justice Brassington Reynolds.

If they fail to pay the fine, they can both be jailed for 14 and 7 days respectively.

Attorney- at- Law Kemraj Ramjattan represented both defendants in the High Court, after they were charged with contempt of the court.

Editor – in – Chief of Kaieteur News, Adam Harris.
Editor – in – Chief of Kaieteur News, Adam Harris.

Mr. Harris and Ms. Ramsay appeared before the Judge to give an explanation as to why they should not be cited for contempt by reporting on a voir dire [a trial within a trial in the absence of a jury].

During the hearing of a voir dire, it is not permissible for journalists to report on the proceedings, since the jury is absent and as such is not privy to such information.

This action led to the murder case being thrown out yesterday by Justice Brassington Reynolds. The trial involved murder accused Andrew Gomes who allegedly killed his father on November 27, 2008. [Nickhail Jaundoo]