Patrick Harding re – elected as GGDMA President

President of the GGDMA, Patrick Harding.

Following a voting session yesterday, Patrick Harding has been re – elected as the President of the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association [GGDMA], while Charlie DeFreitas was elected as the Vice President.

The GGDMA was initially established 1982. The rationale for establishing this organization was based on two factors: the establishment of the autonomous body for mining the GGMC in 1979, and the establishment of the Gold Board in 1981 as the sole authority to purchase gold in Guyana.

Today the Association is registered under the Trade Union’s Act and its membership is made up of all miners: large scale, medium and small scale.

The members produce ninety (90) of all minerals being sold, and of the twenty-five top producers for the past ten years, at least twenty are members of the Association.